Amyone got a yummy mushroom sauce recipie

gemmarose2, Apr 22, 3:44am
whats your favourite mushroom sauce recipe , I am after one thats great on steak, would like a creamy one they serve in resturants , thanks !!!

diachris, Apr 22, 4:30am
I use one I saw on Kiwi Kitchen, richard till.I can't see my recipe book, but it's a really good one.Definatly worth cooking in advance then adding the garlic at end.Good luck.

jed, Apr 22, 4:44am
I sautee mushrooms in butter and when wilted add sour cream.Makes a nice creamy sauce for over steak and easy to do.

dorothy_vdh, Apr 22, 4:51am
sautee some onion, and minced bacon,add some seasoningsred wineand cream reduce down until as thick as you would like it

farmers, Apr 23, 12:24am
I sautee them in butter (plenty of butter) then thicken with milk and cornflour, yummy as!Can even just add cream to thicken and goes great on steak

martine5, Apr 23, 5:45am
The best way is to roast field mushrooms.Saute an onion, then add a chopped clove of garlic, contiue as you would for white sauce but use half milk half cream and add the chopped mushies and any juice that comes out of them.Yum

smileeah, Apr 23, 10:46am
I whipped up a mushroom sauce at the last minute the other week. I had just taken the steak out of the pan to rest and thought "Hmmm a sauce would be nice" so I chopped some mushrooms and threw them in the unwashed steak pan with some butter. Added a chopped clove of garlic then when the mushrooms looked cooked I added cream and cooked until it reduced and thickened (didn't take long because the pan was quite hot). A touch of S+P and the sauce was ready by the time the steak had rested. I must say it was the nicest, tastiest and easiest mushroom sauce I have ever made.

davebarnett, Apr 27, 2:06am
fry your chopped capsicums in butter add sliced mushrooms cook for 3mins then add 1pkt of mushrrom soup whisked with cream into yourthe pan and simmer till thick...yum

davebarnett, Apr 27, 2:08am
or you can use the steak juice instead of butter..taste much better

2049, Apr 27, 3:45am
Cook ur Steak take off keep warm in oven cook mushrooms in butter put with steak add to pan white wine,300mls cream, pkt maggi mushroon soup add mushrooms it will go thick got receipe from a chef it's yummy i even freeze if any left over then pour over steak my daughter loves it

socram, Apr 27, 4:16am
Simplest of all, cook mushrooms, (butter or garlic butter or steak juice) add sour cream and if you can get it, capsicum sauce.Failing that, sour cream and a sweet dessert wine or sherry, salt and pepper to taste or if you like it a bit spicy, dollop of sweet chilli sauce to the mix.

Works well with steak, chicken, pork and even fish!

millenium1, Apr 27, 6:36am
Can be nice if you add a shot of port to the cream garlic sauce you make.

patches_nz, Apr 27, 6:51am
whatever method - i always add smoked paparika - SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

kamitchell, Apr 27, 9:21am
My husband makes the BEST mushroom sauce!!!!