Creamy Mushroom recipe

belindat92, Jul 31, 10:28pm
Anyone have a recipe? :) cafe style.

margyr, Jul 31, 11:32pm
cook the mushrooms in butter either whole or sliced, add salt and pepper and when they are cooked how you like them just slowly pour in some cream stirring and dont let it come back to the boil.

ferita, Jul 31, 11:36pm
I fry off some chopped leaks and some garlic, add the mushrooms until they are soft and cooked then add some white wine and cream. Let this reduce down and season with salt and pepper. You can replace wine with stock

belindat92, Aug 1, 8:53am
Stupid question. Well maybe to you ;) but what kind of cream. I don't really cook... . :P

vintagekitty, Aug 1, 8:55am
normal cream you buy from the supermarket :)

belindat92, Aug 1, 8:59am
The bottled one? ? ? ? Lol

vintagekitty, Aug 1, 9:03am

ruby19, Aug 1, 7:59pm
Try leaving out the white wine, just adding the cream then melting some blue brie to the sauce.

socram, Dec 18, 2:55am
Add sour cream instead... .