Pickled Onions

b1b21, Mar 12, 10:29pm
I'm looking for the recipe the used to be in the "old" Edmonds cook book. hope someone can help

jessie981, Mar 12, 10:58pm
Maybe this is it?
Pour hot water over onions to loosen skin, then peel. Put in a basin & cover with hot brine. Stand 24 hrs, drain. Wipe onions & put into jars, cover with spiced vinegar & cork well. If onions are desired white, after taking out of brine, put into cold milk & bring to boil. remove from heat, let stand until cold then wipe & bottle using white vinegar. Leave several weeks before eating.

b1b21, Mar 13, 2:15am
Yes that sounds like it . . but I'm wondering what go's in the spiced vinegar

jessie981, Oct 26, 5:45pm
Think you can buy spiced vinegar or -

•2 in (50mm) stick of cinnamon
•1 teasppon cloves
•2 teaspoons allspice
•1 teaspoon black peppercorns
•1 teaspoon mustard seed
•2-3 bay leaves
•2 pints (1. 1 litres) vinegar

1. Place the vinegar and the spices (tied in a muslin bag) in a heatproof basin and stand the basin over a saucepan of water.
2. Cover the basin with a plate or the flavour will be lost.
3. Bring the water in the pan to the boil and then remove it from the heat.
4. Set aside for 2 – 3 hours to allow the spices to steep in the warm vinegar.
5. Strain the vinegar and cool.

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