Slow cooker pork roast?

jobaby84, Apr 11, 7:44pm
Has anyone done one before? I need some ideas on how to do one.

harrislucinda, Apr 11, 7:54pm
youcancookanymeatin theslowcookernoneedforliquidasitwillmakesomeitselfseason

debsaid, Apr 11, 8:09pm
Once it is cooked, take off the crackling and grill it in the oven, love pork cooked in the slow cooker, the meat just falls off the bone.

dbab, Apr 12, 12:13am
We had dinner at our daughter's place a couple of weeks ago. She did exactly that, and it was lovely

shadoe, Apr 12, 3:49am
My hubbys cousin does hers all the time and she uses 1/2 cup apple juice and then a small bit of water,when its cooked takes the crackling off and grills it,sounds delicious havent tried it yet but wil do next time we have a pork roast.

farmers, Apr 12, 3:57am
Have done that a lot here, just cut the skin off while slicing meat and have the skin under a hor grill for crackling

knowsley, Apr 12, 7:13am
It's lovely cooked with sauerkraut too.

dorothy_vdh, Apr 12, 7:27pm
I cooked a roast pork for the first time in a crock pot on Monday.
It was delicious I will never roast it in the oven again,although there was no crackling.

I inverted a small plate, sat the meat on that, seasoned it well,then on top of the meat I added a mixture of garlic,crushed ginger and apple pie mix.I didn't add any liquid.
I made gravy from this and the juices that formed from cooking.

cautis, Dec 3, 5:40pm
Bumping for tea tonight.

rojin, Dec 3, 8:10pm
Sounds lovely. Could someone tell me how long approx. per 500gms and what setting!.

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