Lamb flaps?

After a BBQ I have ended up with a large pack of lamb flaps, but I haven't even heard of them before! What do I do with them? Any delicious recipes would be appreciated :)

Chef_obsidianwings, Mar 21, 12:55 pm

Haven't done it for years but we used to stew them for a few hours then skim off the fat (lots of fat) then add veges etc and thicken to a nice stew.

(keep the fat great for cooking with)

Chef_beaker59, Mar 21, 1:02 pm

Can stuff then roll...tie up and roast...Colonial Goose.

Trim off a lot of fat, brown in a little oil, then cover with water and simmer for 2-3 hours (day before wanting to eat).When cold take set fat off top.Bring back to simmer, add onion and vegies, season with salt and pepper and soy sauce.....when vegies cooked, taste and adjust seasonings then thicken with cornflour and water.Lovely irish stew.

You can also slice it and layer it with onions, carrots, etc, then add seasoned stock, cover with sliced potatoes and cook very slowly.Lancashire Hot Pot.

They can be very fatty, so preferable to cook the day before and remove the set fat.But, they are very very tasty, and a good cheap meal.

Chef_jag5, Mar 21, 1:24 pm

trim off some fat,stuff with breadcrumbs, herbs, onion etc roll up tie, sit a upturned saucer in your crockpot bottom turn it on to heat up, rub a little oil all over meat season S/P brown in hot pan till all sides done. Sit it onthe saucer in c/p this keeps it up out of the fat that will come out of it sprinkle with a drizzle balsamic vinegar lid on and cook. Take out next day slice to eat in sammies etc, or make a pkt of gravy up slice meatput into gravy heat all till nice and hot have with vegs etc for a hot meal.

Chef_fifie, Mar 21, 1:32 pm


Chef_isis., Mar 21, 1:40 pm

They all sound like yum ideas thanks :)
fifie, I don't have a crockpot, could I cook it slowly in the same way in a casserole dish in the oven? That may be a stupid question...

Chef_obsidianwings, Mar 21, 2:01 pm

boil them hardout,take the bones out,dice up the meat...then make a curry..they come out mean...fattening azz though,so dont make it a every week thing lol

Chef_bbq-bro, Mar 21, 2:08 pm

i'd just season with S/P and pop it in a oven bag then cook slowly. Never tried a casserole dish but it would probably work to.Lots of fat come out of them thats why using the saucer is good in C/P..

Chef_fifie, Mar 21, 2:13 pm

Give them to the dog.
Gristle and fat.

Chef_lythande1, Mar 21, 2:59 pm

yeah i dont encourage using the boiled lamb flap water as a stock after either,get rid of it outside..if it can clog a sink..imagine what it could do to yaa arteries if used on a regular

Chef_bbq-bro, Mar 21, 3:28 pm

yeah, I would too.

sounds revotling really

Chef_owl32, Mar 21, 3:33 pm

We love curry so that sounds like a good idea :)
I think I would rather at least try make something nice out of it rather than just throw it straight it the bin...

Chef_obsidianwings, Mar 21, 5:37 pm

I've cut them into spare ribs, then roasted them really slowly on a rack until the fat has all gone crispy, then "painted" them with the hickory flavoured sauce, and warmed back up again.
Its very messy, but quite nice.

Chef_dezzie, Mar 21, 6:05 pm

i agree with lythande1 they good for dog tucker.My ex mother in law made them into stew and was immediately labeled dog tucker stewfor obvious reasons!!!!!

Chef_lcscott, Mar 22, 10:51 am

Thanks bbq-bro got the lamb flaps out the freezer yesterday and boiled them up and made a curry like you said (rogan josh), I can't believe how tender the meat is, its delicious! If I ever have any more lamb flaps I am keen to try the irish stew idea.
If anyone ever comes across some lamb flaps and don't have a dog to feed them to, send them my way ;)

Chef_obsidianwings, Apr 13, 12:06 pm