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t.gypsy, Jan 9, 11:49pm
Mine is

butter,jam and vanilla ice cream and also my seafood pasta bake shame i lost out on the pasta machine but dried will do

buzzy110, Jan 9, 11:59pm
To figure out what to do with all my left over Christmas cake, pudding and (luckily uncooked and still frozen) Xmas mince pies so that they do not go to waste or go onto my hips, via my mouth because I don't know what to do with them. Sigh.

t.gypsy, Jan 10, 12:01am
lol well send em to me me and my mother will make quick work of them.. I will soon work with the cream i am leaving it to reach room temp and this time it will be put into the ceramic ramekins...

Last night i gave a dish idea in mind a go and it turned out like a pork stroganoff :D.. However moms doing a left over surprise lol

elliehen, Jan 10, 12:24am
Sigh no more ;)

t.gypsy, Jan 10, 12:32am
lol ellie that sounds quite nice.. with me tommorow when i make the ice cream if it goes well with the vanilla i am making a peppermint/chocolate ice cream when the container is empty.

bunny51, Jan 10, 12:45am
I shouldn't have read this because now I feel like some Christmas pudding with custard like my grandmother used to make. Lol (She used to make brandy sauce too for my grandfather and father to have with it. )

t.gypsy, Jan 10, 1:20am
lol bunny and now there is butter made and going cold in the fridge i am amazed at what half a bottle of 500ml cream can make..

thrifty-sella, Jan 12, 5:39am
Is it just beating the cream or do you add anything else to make butter.I make marge but not butter

lindylambchops1, Jan 12, 6:04am
Would love your recipe for seafood pasta bake please.

radiodanny, Jan 12, 6:04am
How do you make the marge, thrifty??

jag5, Jan 12, 8:08am
My mission....cater my sons wedding on Saturday LOLWhew will be glad when it is over

lindylambchops1, Jan 12, 8:12am
Wow that certainly is a MISSION....but not impossible.All the very best with that challenge.Hope it all goes well.Hope you can enjoy the day too.

t.gypsy, Jan 12, 8:46am
sure not a probs will post it tommorow as its quite a bit to go into infact when the fish shop has the smoked salmon fillet i am going to do it again..

t.gypsy, Jan 12, 8:47am
yes its just beating the cream with an electric beater, and then when you get the cream to change to yellow and get the butter milk out there is the procress of washing it so the butter dont go off.. How do you make marge..

mindi1, Jan 12, 8:51am
My baking-related mission is to avoid ....

eating baking.

Baking is the antithesis of my healthy eating mission for 2011.

Having said that, I love baking and bake weekly for my partner's cafe but ... no eating of it my me.

t.gypsy, Jan 12, 8:58am
I can imagine it would be hard to keep away from that when you work in the environment. I have had family and friends say i should look at bakery or something and i am like nah it would take the fun out of it.

hows it going so far mindi

t.gypsy, Jan 12, 9:30pm
Here goes...

Fresh or dried Pasta sprial,feccutine are the best to use
1 small onion
2 cloves of garlic
250g mushrooms(or more if preferred or leave out)
seafood salmon,firm fleshed white fish,prawns,scollops,mussels,o-
ysters,paua, squid,crayfish,crab,surimi dont need to have all but this is the a selection of what you can use
The sauce
2tbsp Flour
50g butter
enough milk to mix
handful of cheese

Method:boil watter for pasta and put pasta in meanwhile. Melt butter in fry pan sautee the mushrooms and onion,garlic and set aside in the same pan melt butter again and pan fry the seafood. then make the cheese sauce, melt the butter in saucepan mix in flour to make a paste then take off heat add milk and mix the paste well if lumps use a wisk, Put back on the stove and reheat gently adding more milk if sauce is thick or flour if its thin. When on a gentle bubble add the cheese mix well then add to the seafood,mushrooms mix together then add to the strained boiled pasta. Serve on plate as is or put into a baking dish and top with cheese and bake.

Enjoy :)

lindylambchops1, Jan 13, 4:24am
t.gypsy thank you so much.That sounds fabby delicious!Just going to copy & paste, thanks!:)

buzzy110, Jan 13, 4:59am
lol elli. How will adding chocolate and brandy to Xmas pudding make it LESS likely to go onto the hips?

And mindi1 it is not as hard as you think. I often bakebut I hardly ever eat my creations. The few exceptions are my chocolate eclairs and lemon tart. The worst part is that I have to give them to people untried and one is always afraid they may not taste as well as they look.

t.gypsy, Jan 13, 10:34am
welcomed when i do make it everyone wants seconds so i have to make sure i make heaps

dezzie, Jan 13, 6:16pm
my baking mission for sometime very soon, is to try to make nectarine shortcake, like an apple shortcake but with nectarine in, I don't have a recipe, but I'm thinking of tossing nectarine slices in cornflour so it will "collect" the juice, maybe a wee sprinkle of sugar, and bake.

elliehen, Jan 13, 7:48pm
Only over-eating sends it to the hips, buzzy110.Practise self-control, eat just one small portion and you'll be fine.Or bake things that are good not only for others, but for you too ;)

Moderation is the key.

buzzy110, Jan 13, 8:36pm
Well golly gosh.

motorbo, Jan 13, 8:41pm
is baking a lemon drizzle cake for a birthday Monday, its gluten free and made with mashed potatoe and it very yummy

t.gypsy, Jan 13, 9:25pm
i have heard of makingcake with mashed potatoes.. I am going to have a shot at making one with yoghurt so sit back and let me report how its going to go.

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