Pint of milk chocalate cake made in baking dish

dolphin101, Jan 20, 4:34am
hi all has anyone got thisrecipe as i use to have it and it is missed placed thank you

jessie981, Jan 20, 7:37am
Go through the l/h messageboard. Enter what you are looking for then in date posted put anytime.

245sam, Jan 20, 7:43am
This one dolphin101? - It's from Trademe Cooks.....

"Chocolate Cake for a Crowd
225g butter, 2 cups sugar. Creamed together then add: 2 tblspns golden syrup, 2 eggs. Then alternately: 4 cups flour, 4 tblspns cocoa, 4 teaspns baking powder. with: 2 teaspns baking soda dissolved in 600ml milk, plus 1 teaspn vanilla. Bake in meat dish 170 for ¾ hour. posted by libby51":-))

rosathemad, Jan 20, 10:02am
I love this recipe! I always warm the milk with baking soda and vanilla, as this starts activating the raising agent and helps ensure you never get the baking soda taste. I also usually add more cocoa. :-) Oh, and I make mine in a large round tin rather than a tray - takes longer to bake but I like round cakes. And then a generous coating of chocolate ganache to ice. ;-)

dolphin101, Jan 21, 1:53am
thank you this is the recipe i had this recipe when my kids were growing up school lunchs

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