Chicken Diane or another dish for chicken thigh's

tarshlove, Jul 23, 4:09am
Does anyone know how to make this or a recipe to use for chicken thighs ? TYIA

dezzie, Jul 23, 5:16am
I don't know if this recipe has a name, but its a favourite in this house.
Put your chicken thighs skin side down in a fairly hot frying pan, and leave them alone until they move again easily, (about 5 minutes) that will be when they are browned, throw in a sliced onion and a teaspoon or so(depending on how many thighs) of maggi green herb stock, turn the chicken over so skin side is up, and cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and turn the ring down to about your normal simmer heat.
Cook for 45 minutes, leave the lid on as much as possible.
Remove the chicken and thicken the juice left in the pan, with flour and water. Taste and season at this point, the green herb stock is quite salty so usually you only need pepper.
This is really nice with mashed spuds, carrots and peas.
It does work with skinned thighs as well.

fisher, Nov 21, 5:04pm
Sounds nice dezzie... will give it a burl... next time I drag the chicken thighs out of the freezer:}