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jbsouthland, Jan 4, 1:54am
What do you do with it ....I am about to buy quite a numberof tins... the brand witha brown cow on the label as am doing an art project/sculpture usingthe tins .....opened the one I brought the other day and looked very uninviting to eat.....any ideas....can't feed to the dog as shes on abovine free diet.

245sam, Jan 4, 2:45am
jbsouthland, that corned beef is not at all something that we have on a regular basis but it, along with a can or two of baked beans, is a very standby for when camping to make this meal.....

potatoes (the number required dependent on potato size and the number of people to be served)
1-2 onions
1 or 2 x 440g can(s) baked beans
1 x 340g can corned beef, trimmed of any fat and cut into chunky pieces

Peel the potatoes and cut them into even-sized chunky pieces. Put the potatoes on to cook in water to just cover them, then chop the onion(s) into chunky pieces and add them to the potatoes. Boil until the potatoes are just half cooked, then pour off most of the water. To the almost cooked potatoes and onions add the baked beans and the corned beef. Allow the mixture to bubble gently for 10 minutes, then serve – as is, with tomato sauce and/or grated cheese.

Somewhere I think I still have other recipes using that product but they are not personally tried and tested, however I'll keep an eye out for them and post any that I do find so that you have some other options.

Good luck with your " art project/sculpture using the tins".:-))

motorbo, Jan 4, 3:34am
omg i dunno someone gave me a tin once and i feed it to the cat, cos it looked like cat food

0800xford, Jan 4, 3:37am
corned beef in a tin isn't spam as far as i know...

eastie3, Jan 4, 4:33am
Same,I always thought that Spam was a brand of tinned ham.

oneshot35, Jan 4, 4:42am
if its that pacific corned beef in the yellow and red tin, dump it in a bowl and add either tomato relish or chutney, its good on sammies with salad, very unhealthy but soooo yummie

vintagekitty, Jan 4, 4:48am
give it to your local food bank

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 4:49am
Thanks yes its that Pacific corned beef in yellow and red tin....want the tins to cut up and rivet together.We ate some in a sandwich but next day was revolting looking......comes in two sizes and at approx $7 largetinthought I'd try and eat it!!!

oneshot35, Jan 4, 4:49am
vintagekitty, food banks dont generally accept food out of the tins, jbsouthland needs the tins, not the contents, but its a good thought

oneshot35, Jan 4, 4:50am
mix it with the chutney, i personally put it with tomato relish, liberally lol, and its nice with salad in a sammie

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 4:50am
Spam is the ham stuff and quite nice sliced up.Shame the tins have paper label or are tooplain to use.

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 4:54am
Have thought about giving to a family who likes it and asking for the tins returned but don't know anyone who might consume it...Partner thinks would be ok added to"bubble and squeak" meal.I tried it in an omelette and couldn't eat it as had seen all the fat ....

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 5:01am
When I wanted some cute old "shabby chic"red buckle shoes ...gave new pair to a friendstoddler grandchild to wear ,encouraged rough treatment then when she outgrew them they were returned to me....distressed them abit more (sandpaper/steelwool) and added some antique finish and got just the effect !!

245sam, Jan 4, 5:09am
I understand that an effective way of overcoming the 'fat problem' with canned corned beef is to chill the can and its contents, then as soon as the can is opened the fat can easily be picked out of the meat and hopefully then it would be not only a somewhat healthier option but also more visually appetising.

Hope that helps.:-))

vintagekitty, Jan 4, 5:15am
sorry didnt read the bit re removing from the cans, I dont know, its pretty awful stuff to eat:). know any samoan families?

vintagekitty, Jan 4, 5:16am

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 5:17am
Yes was next day out iof fridge that I saw how fatty it was....first day wasnt noticeable at all in sandwich....could heat and strainI guess....Am going off the wholesculpture idea....any suggestions re other colourful interesting tins out there that could be used....???

vintagekitty, Jan 4, 5:19am
go to a asian supermarket, they have the most amazing stuff in cans, and really cool bizarre branding and logo;s.

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 5:20am
Thanks vintagekitty .....enjoy distressing ,antiquing ...with your username Id envisage you do to....!!

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 5:24am
Vintagekitty ...If you google Susan Braithwaite then click on Little River Gallery( our favChCh Gallery) you will see her cool ideas using old tins...

vintagekitty, Jan 4, 5:32am
love them, they would look great at my house!, is that the sort of look you are going for?

Some of the cans at the asian supermarket would look so cool like that Gallery link, although I do like the edmonds cans, I do so like the kiwiana aspect.

0800xford, Jan 4, 5:36am
i remember microwaving a tin with a slab of cheese on it, wicked.

edit: it was corned lamb and i grilled it, so not far off =p

coconutbuns, Jan 4, 5:38am
Oh no don't throw away the corned beef or give to the cat!

Three ways to have corned beef from the tin

1) As it is, with hot white rice
2) Cooked in a pan with a bit of water and sliced onion, have with rice, it is fattening but yum!
3) Cornbeef Stew. As above no. 2) then add chopped/diced/frozen veg, beans &/or cabbage is good, or silverbeet, a few carrot sticks, more water if you think it is needed, then turn it into a stew by adding thickening - flour/water

whitehead., Jan 4, 5:51am
fried up with tomatoes onions and spud there is a lot of fat which has to be drained off but a large hunk of toast made over a fire and fried spam is a great camping breakfast you also have to have the coffee to go with it have not eatten it for years but just the thought takes me back to my camping days

0800xford, Jan 4, 6:04am
dammit! now i really want some tinned corned beef
one brand i swore off years ago had pieces of skin and bone fragments in it =x
pity i can't remember which brand...

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