2 kg corned beef in slow cooker, how long?

gennelle, Aug 15, 5:03am
For those that have posted before re the times they cook corned beef for, what weight is your corned beef for that time? Some have said 8-10 hours on low, but is that depending on the size the meat is? Any idea how long a 2 kg piece will take? TIA :)

mistrycelebrity, Aug 15, 5:05am
I'd say 8 hours on low as well.

gennelle, Aug 15, 5:10am
Thanks mistrycelebrity. Have you cooked corned beef this way before?

just4jo, Aug 15, 5:27am
I just cook it on low 8 hours approx. I still prefer the corned beef cooking in a saucepan with ginger ale added to the water.

gennelle, Aug 15, 5:31am
So it doesnt matter what size the meat is just4jo? Just cook it the same time? I like the pot on stove method but thought I would try something different, have read the gingerale bit too so might try that.

nauru, Aug 15, 5:40am
You can also cook it for 3-4 hours on high too.

gennelle, Aug 15, 5:47am
thanks nauru. Do you find any diff cooking on high or low?

mistrycelebrity, Aug 15, 6:09am
hi gennelle - i have cooked it this way but i haven't tried any other methods other than 8 hours on low in the SC, and the pieces i use are normally about 2kg as well.

just4jo, Aug 15, 6:14am
The weight of the beef doesn't seem to matter when slow cooking. I don't like the colour it comes out, and also I don't think it tastes as nice as when the beef is cooked in a saucepan. Best thing is to try slow cooking and then decide what you prefer. Good luck.

gennelle, Aug 15, 6:55am
Thanks mistrycelebrity and just4jo, suppose I will just give it a go and see how it turns out. Might have frozen pizza on standby, just in case lol

nauru, Jan 27, 3:56pm
Not at all, I use high when I'm pushed for time. The end product is the same, using high means that it cooks in a shorter time.