Loaf tin - help please

spongefrisk, Nov 26, 12:39am
Does anybody know where I can get an expandable loaf tin?
Mum wants one for Xmas as her old one has had it..... and its a loaf tin not a cake tin apparently.

cookessentials, Nov 26, 1:18am
There is an expandable loaf tin available. The brand is Dr Oetker which is German. It expands from 20cm to 35cm. It is $31.95 and has the size measurements on the base as well as inside the base of the tin. It is 7cm deep.

suzanna, Nov 26, 2:31am
I had been looking for ages and a friend an oblong one for me in Alex. The accompanying flyersays 'multi bake expandable cake tin manufactured by R.J Kuttner Cake Tins Ltd Newtown, Wellington. Ph zero four nine three nine zero four five four. My friend bought several including loaf tins to take back to London to use in her catering business.I like the fact that they're kiwi made. Cheers.

spongefrisk, Sep 6, 10:50pm
Brilliant...thanks for that both of you. I should be able to find one now.