Cucumber cake?

wrinkley, Dec 14, 4:04am
i want to make a cake or slice with cucumber just cos someone who doesnt like them dared me to. i googled recipes for them but all have weird ingredients that i have never heard of even. anyone ever make a cucumber cake and have a recipe they can share? thanks

valentino, Dec 14, 4:37am
Try this recipe but instead of using Zuchinni, use telegraph cucumbers and don't peel it just like the zuchinni.

Similar to a carrot cake, sort of.

2C flour,
2teaspoons baking soda,
1teaspoon salt,
quarter teaspoon baking powder,
3teaspoon cinnamon,
3 eggs,
1C cooking oil,
1 and a half C white sugar,
2C grated zucchini,
2teaspoons vanilla essence,
1C chopped nuts.
METHOD mix grated zucchini, sugar, vanilla, oil, nuts and eggs together.
Sift together salt, flour, cinnamon, baking powder and soda.
Add to zucchini mixture. cook in lined ring tin at 180 for 45 minutes. ice with cream cheese icing.
no need to peel itjust cut the ends off and grate!
if you have a food processor with the grater attachment it's the easiest and fastest way to do it.
you need 3 large zucchini's to get 3 cups worth.

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noonesgirl, Dec 14, 5:09am
Cucumber & Banana Cake (Aunt Daisy)
1/4c minced cucumber
3/4c mashed banana
1/2c butter
1&1/2tsp b/soda
1&1/2c flour
1c sugar
2 beaten eggs
2TBSPs sour milk
1tsp vanila essence
Beat butter & sugar. Dissolve soda in milk & add with eggsto butter & sugar. Stir in mashed bananas & minced cucumbers, sifted flour, milk, b/soda, salt & vanilla.
Bake moderate oven in sandwich tins (I'd use a normal cake tin). When cold put together with lemon cheese & decoratetop with slices of banana & minced cucumber.

wrinkley, Dec 14, 6:24am
awesome, thanks!

kurtis, Dec 14, 6:29am
eww gross

darlingmole, Dec 14, 7:54am
you're kidding~!Aunty Daisy made a cucumber cake?Will have to try this one out

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