cucumber and capcisum relish or pickle recipes

arcdee, Feb 18, 1:40am
please... have an abundance of both . . would rather not have tomatoes in with this recipe as have already made my tomatoe relish. . all recipes greatly recieved! thanks :)

winnie231, Feb 18, 4:30am
Use the search function on the left - look for 'pepper relish' and 'cucumber relish', change date to 'any time' ... plenty of results :-)

winnie231, Feb 18, 4:34am
You could also have a browse here: php? f=26&t=567

jaybee6, Feb 18, 8:06am
I have an easy one and it is delish and very easy to make. Will post it tomorrow if you want it.

korbo, Aug 19, 5:40pm
just posted a nice recipe in another pepper thread, but would like to see jaybee recipe too

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