Tomato, Red Onion & Cucumber in vinegar

pom4, Oct 30, 5:06am
I love eating this when someone else makes but but when I make it, it is too vinegary to eat

noonesgirl, Oct 30, 5:10am
Either cut down on vinegar or add sugar.

pom4, Oct 30, 5:12am
do i like just sprinkle sugar on top?

motorbo, Oct 30, 5:23am
add sugar to boiling hot water you want it to dissolve, i would say about 1/4 water to 1 tablespoon sugar then add 2 tablespoons vinegar, and taste does it need more or less

holmsies, Oct 30, 5:31am
I don't use vinegar at all, Lite and Free Italian dressing is very very nice.

kay141, Oct 30, 6:45am
My mother always used malt vinegar but I use a variety. I usually dilute them by trial ans error. I find malt needs more diluting than some of the others.

lost-in-oz, Oct 30, 9:50am
Try it with white wine vinegar...sooo good

timetable, Oct 30, 10:02am
use mint sauce instead - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooooooo good!!!

babytears, Oct 30, 7:57pm
Balsamic vinegar is the best on this salad

pom4, Oct 30, 8:08pm
thanks everyone, i have lots to experiment with now

rubyjane11, Oct 30, 9:51pm
dilute vinegar else its way too strong

andrea1978, Oct 30, 11:40pm
try it with chopped fresh mint, lemon juice & olive oil - yum!oh and you can add avocado too - double yum!

willman, Oct 31, 8:08am
If I remember rightly,my mothers recipe was 1/2 cup boiling water,1 tablespoon sugar,1/4 cup malt vinegar,shake of salt and pepper,mix well and cool.Then pour over the tomato ,Onion and cucumber.

alebix, Oct 31, 8:45am
also, try adding thinly sliced capsicum.. so nice.

But yues, try adding mint, sugar or different types of vinegar. Such a nice refreshing salad.

nickbeam, Jul 6, 12:10pm
I have been using balsamic vinegar, and a teaspoon of sugar