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shedz2, Dec 12, 2:21am
I just love those "old fashioned" egg sandwiches that you get in little coffee shops! How do they do that? What do you use to bind it together? It's not sweet like mayo, or sour like sour cream!? What the heck is the trick - so I can make them at home to put in the lunchbox?! Thanks for your help!

katewest, Dec 12, 2:47am
i do mine with a little salt and a knob of butter! Yummy!!

kuaka, Dec 12, 2:50am
I use either "salad dressing", or sometimes just milk - cream even.Otherwise, just boil the eggs until the yolks are still a wee bit runny, rather than hard boiled.

evorotorua, Dec 12, 6:50am
When I worked in a 'tearooms' we boiled the eggs until they were hard boiled, and then 'riced' them, added salt, pepper and cream. Stir until all combined. Chill. It wasn't really a ricer that we used but one of the bench top type graters that suctioned onto the bench and then there was a barrell grater and you pushed the egg through and turned the handle. No idea what it is called but basically it grated the egg. The sandwiches were beautiful.

fionaschuler, Dec 12, 7:39am
evorotorua my mum had one of those and it was a mincer:) she used it to make the shredded meat park of shepherds pie

fionaschuler, Dec 12, 7:39am
#1 I use a little mayo or salad dressing (what ever is closest) with salt pepper and a pinch of curry powder

wally27, Dec 12, 7:41am
ditto what katewest said.We always used butter, with salt/pepper to season.

marcs, Dec 12, 8:32am
Mash hard boiled eggs while hot. Add butter salt and pepper. Yum. The household loves cucumber and egg sandwiches. It goes well together.

wayne472, Dec 12, 9:57am
Mash the eggs whilst they are hot,add some butter and mix then add some milk,plenty of milk to make the mix "quite wet" (inportant).Then add cracked black pepper and some salt to taste,chop up some parsley or chives if you like and add
Leave in the fridge over night.You will find that the mix then dries outand sets you will end up with A mix that will then bindtogether

juliewn, Dec 12, 12:48pm
I mash them while hot too.. they're softer and easier to do I find.. I add a little curry powder to the mix too.. just a touch.. enhances the other flavours - you could use a little mustard powder too.

weloveponies, Dec 12, 3:53pm
it has to be butter (and dont be mean with it!). i hate mayo or cream. mash while still warm. tiny bit of curry powder is yum

petal1955, Dec 12, 6:36pm
Hard boil your eggs..but take one egg out before its completely hard eggs and mash the yolks with a little milk and pepper and salt......grate the whites then add the egg that isnt fully hard boiled .... still nice and runny..... and mashed till well mixed.....add some snipped chives and chopped parsley

talent.scout, Dec 13, 12:56am
mash while warm, with butter and a little milk.Add salt, and a little curry powder if you want.

korbo, Dec 13, 2:39am
nobody has said about a touch of currypowder, and we just love adding homemade condmilk dressing, and chives or parsley.
better when left in fridge a while.
also tried some on toast the other morning. oh so yumy.

uli, Dec 13, 8:23am
bump for solving the mystery of egg sandwiches!

lyl_guy, Dec 13, 8:27am
Just butter, salt and pepper, mash while warm. If feeling adventurous, a wee bit of finely chopped chives.Yummmm!

kuaka, Dec 13, 8:32am
actually korbo, both talent.scount and weloveponies have both mentioned curry powder.Not sure how you missed it.

olwen, Dec 13, 8:37am
When I was a kid the eggs always had finely chopped chives.We grew a row in a garden just outside the back door.

korbo, Dec 13, 9:18am
kuaka, in a hurry and didnt read it all......tomorrow i am having egg sandwiches for lunch.

kinna54, Dec 13, 9:51am
Yep, that's the way we did them for years too, when catering.
Timing is important, do not overcook or the yolks discolour. Always prepped the egg filling the night/day before use. Mayo can make it very sweet and sticky, not to my taste.

mrsmcgoo, Dec 14, 2:23am
love eggy sarnies - Salad Cream (Heinz only) and mashed egg salt and pepper YUMMY

diana96, Dec 14, 2:26am
use a potato masher to mash the eggs, it works well

gavin166, Dec 14, 2:55am
A mouli?

alfredtonroad, Dec 14, 4:19am
egg sammies on white bread = comfort food
egg sammies on brown bread = trying to be a bit healthy
egg + ham sammies on freshest bread minus crusts = heaven

gavin166, Dec 14, 4:23am
Looks handy - like a swish version of our old cast iron mouli that screws to the edge of a table or bench!

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