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tielfan, Nov 15, 4:23am
My cakes get a lot of icing and fondant on them so I need a good strong cake but for some reason my cakes keep coming out really dry once I ice them up.If I don't ice them they are fine but they dry out after icing.I've been baking for years and years and now I have the kids I want to do some nice birthday cakes but I don't want them to look good and taste dry.Can anyone shed some light on the problem or give me a recipe for a great moist cake to make for later this week?I'm baking Thursday and icing Friday.Thanks so much.

dollmakernz, Nov 15, 4:49am
Do you put a jam glaze between the cake and the icing? If you ice directly onto the cake it will dry out.
I got this recipe off here and use it for birthday cakes all the time, its beautiful and makes a roasting dish size cake.
Mels Secret Chocolate Cake
2 Cups of water 3 Cups of caster sugar 250gm butter 1/3 Cup cocoa 1 teaspoon of baking soda 3 Cups of self raising flour 4 eggs lightly beaten Combine water, sugar, butter ,cocoa, & soda in a large pot. Stir over medium heat without boiling until sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 5 minutes uncovered. Cool for 10 minutes. Mix in flour and eggs and beat til smooth. Pour into a lined roasting dish and bake for 50 minutes at 160c. Check at 40 minutes. Stand for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.

dollmakernz, Nov 15, 4:50am
And this is another one from here and again a big moist cake that works really well

Best Banana Cake Ever
Beat 3 eggs, 1.5 cups of sugar, add 1/2 cup of cheap oil, 3/4 cup sour cream, 3-4 ripe bananas. Beat together then add 2 cups flour, 1.5 tsp both BP and Baking Soda (i normally mix BS with a little milk), beat until nice and smooth
Bake @ 170 degrees for 1 hour

tielfan, Nov 15, 5:23am
I use buttercream icing between the fondant and the cake.Do I need to add a jam glaze?What's a jam glaze?

rainrain1, Nov 15, 5:44am
Would be interested in a nice coffee roll recipe for a birthday cake?

tielfan, Nov 15, 6:06am
For my husband yes a coffee roll is always good!It's two three year old boys I have to make for this week.

rainrain1, Nov 15, 6:12am
Your first post is a bit confusing really

tielfan, Nov 15, 7:23am
How - because I'm 40 and baking for about 25 years and had kids a bit late?I've done a lot of baking but now I'm having to turn out birthday cakes which are different from baked cheescakes etc.

rainrain1, Nov 15, 7:31am
I don't think 3yr olds will care if your cake is dry, try another recipe

hooksie60, Nov 15, 7:35am
I make this once a week makes a small rosat pan size cake

3.5 c flour
3.5 c sugar
3 t/s Baking powder
1.5 c cocoa
1 cup oil
2 cups milk
3 t/s baking soda
1 t/s salt
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups of boiling water (added at end)

Put all ingredients (except for the water) in a large bowl mix well to a batter. add boiling water and mix till smooth bake in the over at 160 for 1hr. you can split the mix and make two smaller cakes or make 1 smaller cake and put the rest into muffin tins the choice is completely up to you. this is an excellent cake if you have a large family or just want to impress people. gets moister by the day so stays nice and fresh very simular to mud cake.
and is very good for icing as remains firm.......hope this helps

tielfan, Nov 15, 7:42am
dollmakernz & hooksie60 - thanks, that's three really good recipes to try!Appreciate your time.

I care if things are dry, the adults coming eat plenty of cake.

dollmakernz, Nov 18, 3:09am
I've never used the butercream between the cake and fondant so not sure how that would work but I would imagine with the glaze that the icing would seal the cake a little better. I use pams apricot jam because it doesn't have big lumps of fruit to get rid of. Just water it down a little with boiling water and brush onto the cake just before you place the fondant icing on.

seniorbones, Nov 18, 11:39am
The banana/chococake/yoghurt on here is lovely and moist, I made it sunday and just iced with chocolate icing and its still ok..not much left though!

suzanna, Nov 18, 11:06pm
tielfan just ignore the negative posts as there are fantastic posters on this mb who spend alot of their time and energy posting fabulous recipes, ideas and responding in good heart. There's always some 'sad sack' out there ready to try and rain on the parades! Ignore and hopefully they'll go away. Have fun with the birthday cakes.

buzzy110, Nov 18, 11:26pm
tielfan - I don't care what all the experts say and advise or what anyone else has found, I personally have found that cakes made by the method of creaming the butter and adding sugar, go dry/stale really, really fast.

On the other hand I have found that cakes that are made by placing everything into a food processor and whizzing up, or simply by mixing everything together with a wooden spoon, (batter type cakes) stay moist and fresh for simply ages.

So I always look out for recipes like the latter and avoid the former. hooksie's and dollmaker's recipes look perfect for what you want.

bisloy, Nov 19, 7:08am
That's a good point buzzy. Now that you mention it, you're right. I have a mudcake which stays nice and moist and is fairly dense. Would you like that recipe?

tielfan, Nov 19, 8:25am
Well the cakes are made - I used the banana/choc/yogurt one in the end.It's taken 7 hours to make all the cake, make the fondants and icings and do the sclupting. It's got 2.5kgs of icing sugar alone in the icings and fondant before you even hit the cake.It weighs 5.3kgs!!!I'll take some pics in the morning and post a bit later on when the kids have had their party in the afternoon.Thanks to all the great ladies who helped out, I'm really glad I only have to do this once a year with twins to be

unco12, Nov 19, 8:53am
really looking forward to seeing a pic :)

rainrain1, Nov 19, 6:16pm
Me too :-)

evorotorua, Nov 19, 7:38pm
have a great time. You have obviously put in a lot of time and effort. Later (much later!!) they will look back at the photos and appreciate the memories you created.

tielfan, Nov 19, 7:42pm
Evorotorua - that's exactly why I do put so much effort in, my Mum is the world's worst cook (her Mum never cooked as they had 'staff') and when she put in the effort it tended to look and taste really odd.I told her at 11 I didn't want any more birthday parties because it was obviously so stressful for her and the results were odd to say the least.I want the kids to look back and have great memories.They are also getting I Spy quilts that have taken me 2.5 years to complete and gone from cot quilts to queen sized bed in the time.

trader125, Nov 20, 8:16am
any photos yet????

smileeah, Nov 20, 8:56am
Oh my! You must have terrific patience to make a cake like that. Well done!!

tielfan, Nov 20, 9:03am
Thanks Smileeah - my husband thinks it went quite well as he didn't get sworn at this year as long as he went dead quiet when I said 'ssshhh, I need silence' everytime I got to a tricky bit.It was so humid we had all the doors and windows open and the fondant and icing was melting on Thursday night.

rainrain1, Nov 20, 6:24pm
Very cute !!!

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