How to cook chicken nibbles?

pls pardon my ignorance, novice cook in the house. I have bought some chinese honey soy chicken nibbles and was wondering how to cook them. I have got as far as putting them on some baking paper in a tray in the oven. What temperature, oven setting (bake, fan bake etc), and for how long. Your help would be most appreciated.

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 4:30 pm

180 (170fan forced) 15-20 mins

Little tip.. some supermarkets have cooking instructions written on the sticker., Nov 4, 4:31 pm

Thanks, i looked at the sticker, only ingredients, no sticker. Thats where I came undone!!

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 4:32 pm

Should I need to turn them over half way through?

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 4:33 pm

hehe no worries.. I've noticed lately that most chicken (at least) from Countdown has cooking temps and times on the big "pretty" stickers on their packs., Nov 4, 4:33 pm

Nope the metal tray will cook the bottoms.. no point turning them really as they are so tiny., Nov 4, 4:34 pm

I got these from the butcher, they are a reasonable size.
Thanks for the help with the basics, I think I can "wing" it from here!!

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 4:41 pm

put them in a roasting dish not just on the oven tray as they make quite abit of juice.

Chef_margyr, Nov 4, 5:16 pm

sorry, i did use a roasting dish, and they have made a bit of juice. they also stuck to the baking paper, why would that have happened? they are out of the oven now, they also didnt go crispy like I thought they would.

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 5:19 pm

If its pams baking paper the reason is they have a faulty batch on the shelfs right now.. so if thats the case please contact them.. they need to know how wide spread the problem is., Nov 4, 7:22 pm

no, mono baking paper, but its probably a few years old, does it "go off"?

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 7:29 pm

it shouldn't do!.. its only silicone paper.. My current mono is very good atm but its a new roll.. so you never know it could have been a dud batch from years back.Definitely stay away from Pams atm thou.. you have been warned LOL (*oh the mess!*), Nov 4, 7:39 pm

thanks for the heads up. the nibbles tasted really good, have left some to have cold for lunch tomorrow.

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 7:43 pm

Well done, you're no longer a chicken-nibble-cooker virgin., Nov 4, 7:45 pm

I cook mine for longer than 10-15 minutes - more like 3/4hour to 1 hour. It seems to cook more of the fat out, and gives the crispiness.
The nibbles are also really nice done in a marinade.
I spray a glass dish with cooking spray and put the nibbles and marinade in to cook.

Chef_dbab, Nov 4, 8:02 pm

I have a glass dish, pyrex. will try this for the next lot. I also know how to make macaroni cheese so dont worry about me only eating chicken nibbles!

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 4, 8:27 pm

You can also do them in the grill, like the Breville griller or the George Forman. Once the grill is heated they are really quickly done.Or you can do them in an oven bag in the oven, to keep your oven a lot cleaner.

Chef_stormbaby, Nov 4, 8:48 pm

So do I and they come out really sticky and yummy. It is the only type of chicken I like better overcooked.

Chef_smileeah, Nov 4, 11:00 pm

if your using Pyrex or a glass dish add 7-10mins to your usual cook time as its thicker and takes much longer to heat up than a metal tray....

Chef_levintofu, Nov 5, 9:11 am

Ditto here :) Our family like them plain - just a spray of oil & salt - and cooked till crispy.

Chef_kcak, Nov 5, 9:20 am

so the ones I have left over for lunch today, I could put them back in the oven in the pyrex and try crisping them up a bit?

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 5, 10:39 am

Yes, or just eat them cold. Nice like that too.

Chef_dbab, Nov 5, 10:41 am

i use a glass baking dish. put chicken in, add a bit of water to the bottom and put in oven on fan bake 150 degrees C, for an hour.
the water helps prevent the chicken from drying out, but you still get the crispy skin

Chef_esdott, Nov 5, 10:52 am

yummo, put them back in the oven for another 30mins in the glass dish. they have gone darker in colour and are less fatty.

Chef_kiwifidget, Nov 5, 12:03 pm

I wack them in the oven on the hottest temp I can get (250c) for 20 minutes....... works everytime......... It took me alot of trial and error to get to this point..... Cooking them at 180c for 10 minutes might cook them but they will not be crispy and very fatty, yuck!

Chef_insecktorb, Apr 14, 8:48 pm

I have been cooking them for quite a while and they are a personal fave of mine as I have 4 teeth and cooked for long enough on the right temp they are soft and brilliant even for a gummy like me. But I do it a little unconventional I use a thick steel bakeing tray put a little oil in the bottom just enough to make sure it is covered and the chicken wont stick the I will cook them for approx 1 to 1/2 hours for 2 kg of bits on about 180 celcius. Turns out beautiful and the meat falls off the bone and also soaks up all of the marinade and leaves the oil in the pan, but I must warn you it is cirtainly not healthy as you will still have a lot of oil and you have to drain them before plateing up or you will have an unhealthy dose of oil in your bowl.

Chef_gummy, Mar 10, 8:57 pm

Best way to cook chicken nibbles that I have foud is this:

cook at 180C for 15 to 20 min depending on the size, the largrer the peices the longer you will need to cook.
One point to remember is that the bone acts as a "cooking rod"

Evenly space out the chicken on the tray, baking dish what ever. If you put the pieces too close together it will stew the chicken rather than making them crispy.
Turen your chicken half way through to evenly cook. stops one side getting burnt.

hope you find this helpful.

Chef_fluffy, Aug 25, 10:26 am

Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pircetus aren't loading correctly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome .

Chef_guest, Mar 21, 5:07 am

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