My sponge cake went odd

catlover28, Sep 20, 4:42am
It shrunk in the middle and is a bit tough.

chef1964, Sep 20, 4:43am
over beaten ?
or lack of raising agent ?

harrislucinda, Sep 20, 4:49am

marie196, Sep 20, 4:54am
Use it as a frisbee

catlover28, Sep 20, 5:22am
lol, its not that bad!

el_pirato, Sep 20, 7:49am
Follow the directions from the Edmonds cook book to the letter.
Once the mixture is in the pan, drop the pan 6 or 7 times onto the bench from roughly 30 to 60cm height.

The sudden knock lets any trapped air bubbles in the mixture to escape.

I've used this method for years, and have won awards for my sponges as a result.

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