Where to buy Thai massaman paste

trader-joy, Sep 16, 11:49pm
Hi can never find thai massaman paste in supermarkets please help. Where do I find it. Any ideas please

ferita, Sep 17, 1:03am
Asian grocers will have it.
You can make your own too

beaker59, Sep 17, 1:51am
Yes vitually all asian supermarkets will have a range of brands.

momma1, Sep 17, 9:58pm
i got my first jar at paknsave it was in the asian section and made by volco or similar and i see its also available at countdown, my friend uses another brand which she gets from an asian supermarket.

trader-joy, Sep 18, 6:56pm
Thanks for your help going shopping today will have a look cheers

peter148, Oct 1, 4:15pm
Its virtually identical to indian mussaman curry, so any asian warehouse will have it.

guest, Jan 11, 7:48am
This site is like a clmrssooa, except I don't hate it. lol

guest, Jan 13, 1:45pm
two weeks ago we visited our frneids. she cooked chicken curry. we liked it very much. i asked her the recipe. she used bottled mild curry sauce. i tried it last week we liked it too.what is your recipe? do you make ur own curry sauce?

guest, Jan 14, 9:57am
there! You probably reemmber this Thai model. I posted his video last week.. Just got some photos from Only Asian Boys' long time fan

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