Pad thai - what could I subsitute for tamarind

gerry64, Feb 8, 4:26am
have heaps of other asian bits and pieces but no tamarindit is too hot to go back into the town - any suggestions please

davidt4, Feb 8, 4:33am
It won't be the same, but you could try a paste of dates and vinegar - what you need is a strong sweet/sour flavour.

gerry64, Feb 8, 4:55am
have palm sugar- fresh limes- fish sauce- sesame oil- soy sauce so will make up a concoction - thanks david

nzl99, Feb 8, 7:30am
Vinegar and brown sugar....?

andy644, Feb 8, 8:38am
lemon or lime juice mixed with a touch of brown sugar. I just goolged tamarind substitute

gerry64, Feb 8, 10:49am
I did the lime juice and grated palm sugar -was Ok but will make sure I get some more tamarind

beaker59, Feb 8, 7:26pm
Good Idea Gerry after all its so cheap and lasts sooo long a compressed block for me lasts nearly a year and only costs about $4

gerry64, Apr 3, 12:56am
Palm sugar is the same and it does really make a difference