Which is the best custard powder please,

poser, Sep 7, 9:29pm
The last box I purchased was a terrible orange shade so Ihad to bin it.

245sam, Sep 7, 11:22pm
poser, if it's the colouring in custard powder that you are concerned about I suggest that you use cornflour instead but you will need to add flavouring - custard powder is basically cornflour with added flavour and colouring.

Hope that helps.:-))

juli55, Sep 7, 11:53pm
Make custard with cornflour = two cups milk, tablespoon cornflour, mix cornflour with a little milk then add to hot milk, add egg and sugar to taste and essence.Cook until thick.Custard.Also Edmonds cook book under 'Blanchmange'.

poser, Sep 8, 2:54am
Many thanks, I am not sure why the manufactures started to add the extra food colour, will use the cornflour method.

cookessentials, Sep 8, 4:38am
You could make your own egg custard.
For each cup of custard you need
1 cup milk 1-2 tsp cornflour 1 egg 1 tsp sugar
vanilla to taste
Heat most of the milk in a double boiler or a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Blend the cornflour with the remaining milk, add a little of the hot milk, then return to the boiler and stir for 1 minute. remove from heat and allow to cool. Beat egg and sugar together and add to the milk. return to the heat and cook, stirring all the time until custard thickens. Stir in the vanilla

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