Olive oil instead of vegetable oil in carrot cake?

linster, Jul 28, 5:05am
Would it come out just the same?

deus701, Jul 28, 5:16am
yup, with an olive smell

marcs, Jul 28, 7:26am
Olive oil is a bit heavy. I use sunflower oil or canola oil.

antoniab, Jul 28, 7:29am
I wouldnt use it - too strong, it would come out the same though.

cookessentials, Jul 28, 7:50am
It will have a taste. ii prefer sunflower oil in my baking.

donna23, Jul 28, 7:57pm
I did this once when I only had olive oil in pantry, the cake was dense & heavy with a noticeable oil flavour, would chose another cake to make in future if I only had the olive oil.

macandrosie, Aug 12, 7:03am
I use grape seed oil for all baking & it's great, no obvious flavour. I make an orange pulp cake with grape seed oil & i's really yummy!

gardie, Aug 12, 9:08am
Same texture - different taste alas.

igpai, Aug 17, 4:20am
Use Extra Light olive oil - it has very little flavour if any. Otherwise grapeseed oil is great.

firefly001, Aug 17, 9:07am
the recipe I use calls for 1. 5 cups of oil, I think this is way too much so use 3/4 C milk and 3/7 C oil and it comes out fine but definitely have to use baking paper and really grease the sides. And then because you've been so good with the cake part you can really load the icing on...

kuaka, Aug 17, 11:48am
I switched to rice bran oil a while ago in preference to olive oil - would that be okay to use in a carrot cake?

neil_di, Aug 17, 7:48pm
Kuaka. . rice bran oil is fine for carrot cake. . very similar to grapeseed, light and flavourless.

annie.nz, Aug 17, 8:04pm
what she said. It really makes a difference. Failing that (it's expensive, but since I only bake for birthdays, that's ok), canola, sunflower. But not olive oil, it's too strong and heavy.

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