Hard boiled egg!!!!

lindar, Jul 18, 3:47am
Not into eggs myself but the would like to put them in the kids lucnch box. If I boil tonight and put in the fridge will they discolour? also do I need to peel them before putting in lunch box (capable eight year olds)

ferita, Jul 18, 3:48am
Food needs to be kept cold or hot.
If they are not going to be cold then your child could get sick

hezwez, Jul 18, 4:10am
They'd be fine if you cook tonight and chill quickly ~ I use running cold water then ice, and crack slightly so the cold water contacts the white. They've never discoloured and are fine in lunch boxes/picnics the following day if kept in the fridge overnight.

darlingmole, Jul 18, 4:14am
hezwez ... may I ask you to translate your favourite quote please from what's in your profile? I have next to no knowledge or te reo despite being married to a Maori 2nd time around and some children with him

hezwez, Jul 18, 4:27am
Sure, it's an old proverb that translates "Seek above all that which is of highest value, if you bow, let it be to the highest mountain"

darlingmole, Jul 18, 4:43am
Thanks hezwez ... appreciate you sharing that with me. That's a beautiful proverb :-)

hezwez, Jul 18, 4:49am
Glad you like it, the book which includes it is a treasured Trademe purchase "Nga Pepeha a nga Tipuna" the sayings of the ancestors, complied by Hirini Moko Mead and Neil Grove.

lythande1, Jul 18, 4:50am

..pip.., Jul 18, 4:51am
Boil them (till cooked obviously :)) then cool down in cold water then put in fridge still in their shells. If you don't think your kids can peel them then they are fine if you peel them but do that as you are putting them in their lunchbox. I use little containers so they don't roll around in the lunchbox.

Eggs only discolour if you cook them too long. Also they can store in the fridge cooked for several days if you leave them unpeeled.

lindar, Jul 18, 4:53am
At this time of year? , otherwiseI would put in a cooler

rainrain1, Jul 18, 5:31am
If you don't think the kids can peel them... . . crack them lightly before you put them in the lunchbox wrapped in gladwrap... . it is good practise to DIY :-)

buzzy110, Jul 18, 6:02am
You may be wondering why everyone is telling you to cool them down quickly after cooking so I'll tell you. (I always prefer to know the why when I do something).

If you do not cool them down the yolk continues to cook and blacken around the outside. Also an over cooked egg yolk is just so hard to eat with chocking on it as it all clumps together in your mouth. So only cook till you think it will just be 'not runny'.

A small egg may take about 3-4 minutes from coming to the boil while a large egg will take longer. I always put mine in the water cold and bring to the boil. The helps prevent the shells from cracking and leaking uncooked egg white into the water.

lindar, Jul 18, 6:56am
thanks everyone, was a bit nervous of a "boiled egg" question.

darlingmole, Jul 18, 8:53am
Ahhh - have been recently recommended "The Whispers of Waitaha" and "The Songs of Waitaha" ... basically things that relate back to nature that our GrandFathers/Mothers taught down to their mokopuna's. Am yet to go to the library to source it though (* kids to look after these days! )
Many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Hezwez - much appreciated :-)

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