Want to make some small bacon and egg

redhead21, Jul 1, 11:13pm
savouries. Do I cook the pastry first in the small patty tins or roll it out and then fill with bacon, egg and whatever.

rainrain1, Jul 1, 11:25pm
roll pastry out and cook altogether

antoniab, Jul 2, 12:00am
You can even go one step easier and use buttered bread instead of pastry with the crusts cut off :)

datoofairy, Jul 2, 12:10am
I made these yesterday. I had pre-rolled pastry so I used that (normally I roll it out myself). I just used a glass to cut the rounds, then pushed them into my muffin tins (brushed with butter first). I mixed together chopped bacon, onion and grated cheese. Sometimes I add creamed corn too. Threw in some salt and pepper and into the oven til golden brown on top. Yummo.

datoofairy, Jul 2, 12:12am
I use bread if I have no pastry too. I cut the crusts off and flatten the bread with a rolling pin first. I find rolling out the bread gives it a texture closer to pastry. I always butter the bottom of the bread so it goes crispy and golden brown on the bottom.

redhead21, Jul 2, 12:46am
cheers for that, so simple isnt it. Love the bread idea, will give that a go as well.

fisher, Jul 2, 9:51am
Bacon and Egg Yorkies
Precook some bacon rashes and chop into pieces. . In a bowl, make an egg mix with salt, pepper, grated cheese and diced onion and mix well. . Add the bacon pieces. . Now make some Yorkshire puddings in muffin tins. . Once the yorkies are cooked and risen, poor some of the mix inside and place back in oven till the egg mix cooks and sets. .
(They will continue cooking with the residual heat. . )

redhead21, Jul 2, 11:31pm
Have tried the bread idea, instead of using pastry, and they are yum. Wont be using pastry again. So easy peesy to do as well. There are some very good ideas along with cooks out there thats for sure and everything suggested doesnt take a lot of time or ingredients. Cheers all.

mary92, Jul 3, 9:21am
For Bacon/Egg pies if you put a little grated cheese on he base, it stops it from geting wetish

elliehen, Jul 3, 12:49pm
I go one step further with thrift and don't cut off crusts. Butter one side of thin-sliced bread (Molenburg works well), cut into two triangles and stretch each triangle butter side down around the muffin pan to make the bread case. A sprinkle of grated cheese seals the base, and then add the quiche-style topping of your choice.

This is an excellent snack for hungry children and teenagers.

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