Vanilla powder

I see it referred to in recipes, what is it exactly ?

Chef_sooseque, Jul 18, 10:40 pm
Expensive. (Ouch) But 2 grams is equal to a bean. But still, ouch.
"Heilala ground vanilla bean powder is 100% pure and free of alcohol and sugar. It's ideal for dry mixes, chocolate and beverages and has become popular in among raw, vegan and wholefood consumers. Heilala Vanilla beans are dried down to zero percent humidity and ground into a fine powder. Two grams is equivalent to one vanilla bean in terms of flavour ."

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jul 18, 10:44 pm

Many thanks for that info, ouch is right, I think it will be staying on the supermarket shelf !

Chef_sooseque, Jul 19, 4:03 pm

Chef_nauru, Jul 20, 6:04 pm

Wow, pays to shop around (or ask on TM recipes ;o)

Chef_samanya, Jul 20, 6:32 pm

Thankyou nauru for that info

Chef_sooseque, Jul 24, 11:07 pm