Battered Oysters

mrsdoobercoons, Jul 26, 1:06am
Use the liquid from the oysters in the batter - gives it the extra flavour burst :)

beaker59, Jul 27, 6:49am
Love battered pacific oysters but would never cook a bluffie.

lespat, Jul 23, 1:51am
Recipe please

dottyone1, Jul 23, 2:14am
any batter should do it

rainrain1, Jul 23, 3:42am
I just use flour, water, and baking powder for oysters. Possibly not the best batter in the world, but it is nice and crispy.

smallwoods, Jul 23, 5:14am
Tempura here

jimgammy, Jul 23, 5:15am
Beer batter all the way

fifie, Jul 23, 9:21pm
S/R flour, salt, ice cold water out of fridge, thin enough to run off back of a spoon.

mousiemousie, Jul 24, 3:07am
2nd for beer batter, had them the other night yum yum.

samanya, Jan 13, 8:18am
Me too . if I absolutely have to cook oysters
(raw, I could eat dozens, but sadly can't afford to indulge!)

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