Urgh! Candied bacon sweet potato cupcakes

wasala, Oct 5, 5:46am

wasala, Oct 5, 8:01am
Poor old TM recipe messageboard. It's pretty well dead now, isn't it? What a shame. There used to be so many interesting threads. Bev00, you've been a real trooper, but I think that losing our lovely Elliehen was the beginning of the end!

samanya, Oct 5, 10:31pm
They do sound disgusting.
I don't think this MB is dead.
There's always someone who is willing to share their knowledge, if asked & I have to say you may be right on the button re elliehen's absence.

karlymouse, Dec 18, 11:09am
Agree. its incredilby slow moving. the worst USA recipe I had was for a bean recipe

1 x can beans
1 x packet of fried onions
1 x packet of onion soup.

double yucks all around.

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