Fresh Tuna

rainrain1, Mar 9, 5:36am
was lucky enough to be given a couple of pieces of tuna to try for the first time, and I must admit, I don't know what the heck they rave about. it has hardly any flavour at all. Give me Blue Cod any day, groper, brill, sole, all beat tuna hands down, and yes, by a country mile and then some. What do others think? Happy now that I've tried it though.

beaker59, Mar 9, 5:49am
Well It would be if you overcooked it, best not cooked at all.

rainrain1, Mar 9, 5:53am
I wouldn't eat it raw, didn't say I over cooked it either old chap

samanya, Mar 9, 6:04am
Blue Cod from down your way is to die for!
I've never had fresh tuna to prepare . only in restaurants . lucky you.

valentino, Mar 9, 6:08am
Yep, best eaten Raw, do not cook it.

If you do then only cook the outside so the end result is that when you cut it then it is still raw within.

Do not cook Tuna right through, it is dry and tasteless.

I think Beaker would agree.


rainrain1, Mar 9, 6:14am
I've cooked and eaten it. a big let down. HUGE!

dreamers, Mar 9, 6:15am
Make Hawaiian poke with it,Devine .

rainrain1, Mar 9, 6:17am
I thought I was lucky, but no, was very let down by the flavour. Now I have been given some smoked tuna to try, maybe that will be OK

valentino, Mar 9, 7:52am

daarhn, Mar 9, 8:30am
seared tuna steaks on the barby brush olive oil either side good salt and cracked pepper, squeeze citrus juice fresh wasabi mayo(keep it pink or it will go tough and dry)

beaker59, Mar 9, 8:53am
I seriously can't see the appeal of Blue Cod my wife who was raised in the Chathams won't let me bring it into the house.

buzzy110, Mar 9, 10:54am
Next time try it Japanese style - raw (Shashimi).

Just slice into thinnish (but not too thin) chunks and present beautifully on plate (because that is what Japanese do). In a dipping bowl mix some Mama San soy sauce (naturally brewed) and sesame oil (toasted if you can find it but plain is OK) - quantities to taste.

Use chopsticks to dip tuna, one chunk at a time, and savour.

Really, really moreish done this way.

p.s. - Fresh tuna should be quickly seared on the outside whilst remaining uncooked inside. Recipes all recommend olive oil but I don't get that. A good quality peanut oil mixed with some sesame oil is better imo.

rainrain1, Mar 9, 7:58pm
Thanks, but hopefully there won't be a next time unless it's from a can. I won't eat raw fish, makes me feel sick just thinking about eating it that way, I've seen it cooked many times on the telly, so know how to treat it, but was VERY disappointed with the taste, it was a big let down for me, today I'm off to buy some Bluff oysters, and I'm going to batter them. now there's a taste!

buzzy110, Mar 9, 10:15pm
Tuna loses its taste with every passing day. I've had it fresh out of the water - as in I caught it and skipper killed and shashimied it on a boat immediately. It was a taste explosion. Not to everyone's taste and cooking doesn't do it any favours.

Enjoy your oysters. Here's an interesting fact about oysters. I've eaten them fresh off the ocean floor - fresh as in I collected them and brother shucked a couple and fed them too me before I was back in the boat. I can state with complete confidence that their flavour improves with age, unlike tuna.

uli, Mar 10, 5:59am
Well I regularly eat yellow fin tuna if it comes to a supermarket near me. I fry it for a few minutes each side (depending on how thick or thin they cut it). It is certainly not red and raw in the middle but just cooked and soft and delicious. Served with lots of limes or lemons and with a bit of the famous Southern German potato salad and a green salad - the ideal dinner in summer.

Certainly beats groper etc. (which by the way you should not really eat - groper live for nearly 100 years and are very territorial, so you upset the whole eco system and groper fishing should be thoroughly discouraged in my view).

rainrain1, Mar 10, 6:29am
Groper is a favourite fish, love it

beaker59, Mar 10, 8:08am
Very true I think its a case of hydration, as the oysters sit in the shell they loose fluid and if you shell them then they loose even more that densifies the texture and flavours. If you are going to cook oysters then Pacific for battered as they are bigger and cook as well, yet if raw then Bluffies win all the way, best in the world.

bella95, Mar 10, 11:27am
Yum. Thanks. Had never heard of it.

fifie, Mar 10, 10:18pm
Once marinaded raw fish in lemon juice, was the nicest fish ive ever eaten.

rainrain1, Mar 10, 10:49pm
Don't care. !

uli, Mar 11, 12:26am
Didn't you say up there in the OP " What do others think?"
Then once people chime in you post the above?

rainrain1, Mar 11, 12:51am
I meant I don't care to eat it. . are you telling me off Uli?

creek, Oct 9, 10:18am
slice and put in bowl add lemon juice and a bit of olive oil leave 15 min or more the fry in olive oil few min on ether side

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