Can anyone recall the yeast drinks of 60 years ago

hezwez, Nov 6, 9:48am
Yeast, and honey or sugar were put in some tepid water and left overnight in a warm place like an airing cupboard. In the morning lemon juice was added and stirred briskly, it frothed up and was delicious. I can't quite remember the individual quantities. Thanks.

valentino, Nov 6, 7:10pm
The only one I can think of was an Aunt Daisy recipe for a Honey Mead which is following but is different, Hmmm, cannot quite remember the one you looking for though but all the best.

To every gallon of water add 3 lb honey and a piece of Ginger root. Boil for an hour.
Skim then put in some hops, 1/2 oz to every gallon of water. Boil another half hour. When nearly cold, put in yeast, 1/2 pint to 10 gallons. Cork lightly as soon as pressure will allow, and tighten later.

hezwez, Nov 7, 10:39am
Thanks Valentino.

rebecca18, Nov 12, 3:42am
I remember my mother, in the 1960s, drinking some kind of yeast concoction she made up in a glass. It was probably made from compressed yeast because she often made bread and it was always made with a block of compressed yeast.

gilligee, Nov 12, 8:45am
3 lb of honey sounds a lot?

valentino, Nov 12, 7:15pm
Not really but is written as such.

1 lb = 454 grams.
1 Gallon = 4.546 litres.

gardner12, Nov 13, 3:28am
Yep, the only extra thing that my mum fed us. used to make it up at night each of us had a glass(6), 1tsp yeast 1tsp sugar glass filled with warm water, left over night, some of us didnt like the head that it got at skimmed that off then just drank, apparantly it was like having vitamin B complex, whether that is so or not i couldnt say.

hezwez, Nov 15, 2:36am
If you try it again gardner12, add some lemon juice. Delicious. The quantities sound about right, thanks.

kay141, Nov 15, 2:46am
These drinks were popular during the depression and war-time rationing. May have had something to do with the shortages or quality of food.

jsnwells, Dec 3, 4:40pm
gardner12. we had the same, I loved it. that was late 60's early 70's

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