Has anyone got a good recipe for wholemeal bread

bev00, Sep 18, 9:07am
3 tsp sure bake yeast
350g white flour
150g wholemeal
50 g rolled oats
50 g buck wheat
30 g corn meal
2 tablespoons milk powder
25 g butter.
Small desert spoon Honey
3 tbls of bin inn mix
450 ml water
This recipe is delicious and the only one l use.

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blueviking, Sep 18, 7:49pm
In recipes, type, beer bread. Just use wholemeal flour and add what you like.

johvri, Jul 14, 9:41pm
Hi i havent got a bread maker but i was wondering if anybody has got a easy wholemeal/grain bread recipe please. i would love some recipes that people have had success with - thanks so much

petal1955, Jul 15, 7:15am
This was posted on another thread on here:---

You are in luck. This recipe is not on my computer but I found the cutout from the package in my Recipes folder. So here it is:


2 T Lukewarm Milk
2 T Treacle
3 tspns Dried Yeast

For the Yeast Mix:
Dissolve treacle in the lukewarm Milk
Sprinkle Yeast on top and leave till frothy

Dry Ingredients:
1 Cup Plain Flour
2 Cups Healtheries Ground Wholemeal Flour
3/4 Cup Healtheries Gluten Flour
3/4 Cup Rolled Oats
¼ Cup Healtheries Kibbled Wheat
¼ Cup Healtheries Coasrse Cornmeal
2 T whole Linseed
2 T Sunflower Seeds
1 tspn Salt

1 T Oil
250-370mls Water

1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large enough bowl
2. Make a well in the dry ingredients and pour in the Yeast Mixture
3. Add the oil
4. Add enough water to make a dough
5. Knead for 10-15mins until smooth and silky (do the stretch test)
6. Form the dough into a ball with an unbroken skin on top and the seam on the bottom
7. Oil the mixing bowl and place the dough ball in, seam side down
8. Cover bowl with gladwrap or put into a plastic bag and leave in a warm place till doubled in size
9. Prepare a loaf tin
10. Tip dough out onto a lightly floured surface and 'punch down'**
11. Form into a shape to fit the prepared loaf tin
12. Cover and leave in a warm place to prove until doubled in size
13Remove cover and bake in preheated oven - 210C for 25-30mins or until base sounds hollow when tapped.

Breadmaker - This loaf can be made in a breadmaker. Follow the manufacturer's directions for a whole-wheat loaf, adding the greater amount of water.

Makes 1 large load.

** I never punch my dough. I prefer to gently press it out, seam side up, and then fold into three, form into a ball, and leave to rest on the bench, under an inverted bowl for 30mins to let the yeast relax. Then I press it out again into a rectangle and form the loaf.

The loaf can also be free formed and baked on a lightly floured oven tray instead of in a loaf tin. If doing that do the last prove directly on the tray.

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johvri, Jul 15, 11:26pm
Thanks so much Petal1955 i will give it a go

rebecca18, Jul 16, 4:48am
I made this bread every day for years and years, it is simple and delicious and very easy to make.

NO-KNEAD BREAD: A recipe outline

In a large bowl, dissolve 1 tablespoon of honey in 11/4 cups of boiling water. Add 1/2 cup of rolled oats and 3/4 cup cold water. Stir. Sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon of dried yeast (not Surebake) over the surface, without stirring, and leave for 5-10 minutes, until frothy.
Stir in enough flour (see note) plus 1 tsp salt to form a dough which resembles a wet scone dough. Well oil a 1kg bread pan (sprinkle bottom and sides with seeds if desired) and spoon dough in. Smooth the surface with an oiled spatula, pulling surface edges towards the centre a little as you go. If desired, sprinkle the surface with some seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed or poppyseed and press lightly onto the surface. Place in a 50 degrees Celsius oven (if using a fan oven, do not engage the fan at this stage, or switch the oven off once it has reached the desired temperature) to rise, until the dough has reached the top of the tin and formed a slightly domed surface above it. This takes approximately 35 minutes. When risen, increase oven temperature to 190C and bake for 50 minutes. Leave in the tin for 5 minutes before loosening the sides with a knife, if necessary, and sitting the loaf crosswise on top of the tin to cool. If using a fan oven, the final cooking time may be reduced by approximately 10 minutes. Experiment (the ultimate key to successful bread making).

Flour options:
This bread may be baked with innumerable combinations of flours and grains. To start with, try 1/3 white and 2/3 wholemeal. Vary this combination and add other ingredients as you become more familiar with the process.
Other possible additions:
Try whole or ground linseeds or pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed, wheatgerm, ground millet, dried fruit and spice (makes great toast), kibbled grains. Let imagination be your guide.

kclu, Jul 17, 7:14am
Where can bread loaf pans be purchased?

g14us, Jul 17, 11:11pm
Anyone know where you can buy Gluten Flour nowadays. Healtheries no longer make it. I used to use 2 tblspn always in my wholemeal bread but can't buy it locally now

lilyfield, Dec 24, 3:43pm
Bin Inn

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