Great Sponge Cake reipe wanted

denise41, May 22, 10:14am
I am looking for the best sponge cake recipe. just the plain sponge cake is required.
Everyone has their favorite. would luv to see them please xxxx

sarahb5, May 22, 10:24am
Sponge or Victoria sandwich? Properly speaking sponge has no fat in the recipe.

denise41, May 22, 10:08pm
Thanks for that sarahb5 xx

madj, May 22, 11:02pm
This is the recipe I use. I have tried many and all but this one has failed, even the Fielders recipe has not gone well.

Easy Sponge

4 eggs
6 oz / 175grmsCornflour
6 oz / 175grmsSugar
Heaped teaspoon Baking powder
2 Tablespoons Boiling water.

Using a cake mixer is the easiest way to make this.

Separate Eggs.

Beat whites till stiff.

Add sugar and water mixing in.
Add yolks and fold the dry ingredients.

Bake in two 9inch cake tins. greased and bottoms lined.

Bake 350 F / 180C for 20 mins.

When you remove from oven, drop from knee height square onto floor, this 'shocks' the sponge and it won't sink when cooled. Cool on a cake rack.

NB don't try making these in sponge tins cos they will over flow.once filled this makes a huge deep sponge.

You can use any fruit for the center that you like, I

denise41, May 24, 9:27am
Hello madj. thanks also for this recipe. made this one (including some golden syrup) and turned out fantastic. light as and mmmmm so tasty. xxx

madj, May 24, 10:12am
Am glad you liked it and yes it is exceptionally light, golden syrup sounds interesting never thought about using that!

gardner12, Aug 7, 1:17am
I use same as madj its pretty fool proof and from what my familysays its lovely, I dont know cause dont like

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