Fresh asparagus?

venna2, Aug 29, 2:02am
I'm having people at my place next week and hope to make asparagus rolls. Do you think I can expect fresh asparagus to be available by then? I'm in Wellington.

Of course I can always ask at New World but just in case .

lilyfield, Aug 29, 2:56am
No-use a tin

venna2, Aug 29, 4:50am
If I have to . but fresh asparagus is MUCH nicer than tinned.

petal1955, Aug 29, 5:02am
Bit early for fresh NZ Asparagus.usually mid oct

samanya, Aug 29, 6:31am
I used to get sent a box full of Marlborough grown aparagus, every year at the end of September, as a gift & the sender(my mother) said it was always touch & go if it was ready or not.
My home grown is much later, mid October at least.

245sam, Aug 29, 7:39am
venna2, NZ grown asparagus must be available. One of our local (Chch) Fruit and Veg. outlets had this past weekend "Local Asparagus $30 kg", and I agree there is really no comparison between fresh and canned asparagus, so Good Luck - I hope you find some fresh asparagus to tempt your visitors with. :-))

gbking, Aug 29, 8:18am
had my first feed from my own garden a couple days ago, so there should be some around, will be expensive though.

harrislucinda, Aug 29, 9:46am
buy in from USA we don't have any until nov dec

245sam, Aug 29, 11:16am
bobcat_6, are you referring to your own homegrown?

Fresh NZ asparagus is usually available from early-mid October and has been for many years. In fact we love it really fresh and I well remember when pregnant with our now 36 year old daughter I really wanted to go asparagus picking at a nearby PYO in October but the 'bump' meant reaching the ground was just too difficult. :-))

venna2, Aug 29, 9:25pm
No fresh asparagus in local New World this morning. I'll check again before next Tuesday and if there's still none, I'll make cucumber sandwiches. At least there's cucumber, though it's Australian!

I'm sorry to say that all I have in my garden just now is not-yet-ready silverbeet and self sown parsley.

harrislucinda, Aug 29, 9:56pm
yes later season for veg here

korbo, Aug 30, 12:40am
my taste buds got the better of me, after reading this last night, so this morning, found a tin in the pantry and ohalala. asparagus on toast. Devine.

korbo, Aug 30, 12:41am
tin actually had no best before date on. so hope they were ok. tasted fine

catsmeat1, Dec 28, 5:06pm
Tendertips in Levin usually start processing mid september - I think they supply into Wellington shops.

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