Asparagus Soup

kiwibrit2, Oct 1, 3:22am
I know asparagus is rather bland anyway but does anyone have a really tasty soup recipe for it? I had one recently in a restaurant and it was lovely.

lizab, Oct 1, 3:33am

Asparagus soup recipe - the house guests in the tv programme all said it was beautiful.

motorbo, Oct 1, 5:55am
doh bland? hell no its yummy

ferita, Oct 1, 8:28am
In a restaurant they normally use woody part of the stalks for the soup. Instead of wasting it and throwing it out they make soup with it.

Basically all you do is cook the stalks for about 30 minutes in chicken stock, remove the stalks and blend them up then add them back to the stock and cook for another half hour or so.

Strain the stalk pulp out of the soup and thicken with buerre marnie (or however its spelt). Add cream and finely chopped cooked aspragus tips, salt and white pepper to taste

ferita, Oct 1, 8:30am
I should mention that if your stock has no onions in it then you can add onions to this soup at the initial stages

kiwibrit2, Oct 2, 5:16pm
Thanks to all for replies to Asparagus soup.I do mine with the stalks anyway but waned to have ideas to improve it.I have printed off the TV recipe suggested and will have another go. By bland I meant it hasn't a strong flavour on it's own, can't wait to try again!

ferita, Oct 3, 5:37am
You need a flavourful stock
the stock is what brings the flavour out.

madzwhippet, Oct 3, 8:19am
For the most special cold "summer" soup....emptya tin of's Asparagras spears into blender ...blend quickly (until smooth)..... a wonderful treat forthose on a diet or recovering from illness......oh yum must go and do tin makes one generous sized soup bowl or mug......worth trying as a special treat.....

darlingmole, Oct 3, 8:28am
1 Can asparagus
1 onion, finely sliced/diced
1 large potato
1 C milk
2 T butter
1 clove garlic (minced)
1 cube chicken stock & 1 C water or better still, homemade!

Satueee onions and garlic in butter, Add in cubed potato in chicken stock, bring to boil until potato is cooked.Puree in blender then add milk and s'n'p.Reheat.This is very simple and tasty and from memory is an Alison Holst recipe from about 22 years ago

kiwibrit2, May 5, 2:12pm
Thanks again for the ideas.Now more shoots have shot up, I must try the recipes out.