Home made mayo

Made some today using whole eggs, was so excited that I didn't read the recipe before I actually started and then saw how much olive oil I had to use - I now have enough mayo to feed 400 people lol and it only keeps about 2 weeks. friends in for some lovely creamy (healthy) mayo!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 28, 7:18 pm

How about using some of your lovely mayo to make some tartare sauce awoflam? That and some lovely fresh fish/seafood would IMO be a great combo. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 28, 7:28 pm

Yea I know and I get fresh fish every week - from what I have read fresh mayo lasts 2 weeks absolute max. I needed to halve the recipe. Next time! Just hate waste.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 28, 7:31 pm

Make a potato salad with it?

Chef_tarawera99, Jun 28, 7:43 pm

I bake sides of salmon with a thick coating of real mayo. Let me know if you would like more detail.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 28, 8:25 pm

Now that sounds interesting. would love some more detail. I just adore salmon.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 28, 9:04 pm

For a medium sized side of salmon (skin on) take about 300 ml of home made real mayonnaise and add 2 tab Dijon mustard. Add some fresh chopped dill, tarragon or parsley if available. Place the salmon skin side down on a sheet of baking paper on an oven tray and spread the flesh side thickly with the mayo. Bake at 160 C for about 20 minutes until the salmon is half-cooked i.e. starting to firm up but still translucent in the centre. Remove from the oven and leave to rest 20 minutes if serving hot or at least an hour to serve cool. I much prefer it cool.

To transfer the salmon to a serving dish lift it with the baking paper on to the dish then carefully slide out the baking paper. Clean up the plate and decorate with a few sprigs of whatever herb you used.

This works perfectly well with small pieces of salmon, which of course are much easier to get on to the serving plate but don't look so impressive.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 29, 12:24 pm

Thank you so much davidt4, Sounds amazing.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 25, 6:02 am

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