Home Made Tomato Sauce...

rarogal, Jan 22, 7:05am
I've just made some....do I pour into jars and seal while hot, or let cool before I seal them?

angel404, Jan 22, 7:16am
i think u seal while hot? i just freeze mine.

greerg, Jan 22, 8:39am
I make my grandmother's recipe which has been made by the whole family for three generations and it says to bottle when completely cold.Ihave never sealed sauce and it keeps perfectly for at least two years and probably longer.

greerg, Jan 22, 8:41am
Sorry I assumed you mean tomato sauce with vinegar and spices.If this is a tomato sauce like a pasta sauce it would definitely be sealed hot if using the overflow method but personally I would water bath it.

gojojo2, Jan 22, 9:08am
@greerg...can you share your grandmother'srecipe? Please? Pretty please???

greerg, Jan 22, 9:29am
Sure - it's very simple but I think it's as good as many more complex ones with apples etc.The only thing is that this is the original recipe and I now add less salt as many people prefer less these days.You may like to start with 60 grms and add more once you've moulied it if you don't think that is enough.

5.5 kgs tomatoes 84 grms whole allspice
84 grms common salt 900 mls vinegar
1360 grms sugar

Put spice into a muslin bag then boil all ingredients together for 3 hours.Remove bag of spices.Put through the mouli or blender.(If you use a blender I would blanch the tomatoes and remove the skins first and you will have pips in the sauce which the mouli removes). Allow to become completely cold,then bottle.

gojojo2, Jan 22, 9:46am
Wow - thanks for that!

gerry64, Jan 22, 10:08pm
I bought a bottle at a Farmers market here in Bathurst yesterday - noticed after I got it home label says use within 3 weeks of opening -it was supposed to be her grannies recipie - is it normal to have to use it within 3 weeks - I remember my grannies sauce lasted forever-by the way it was expensive and is a big bottle

greerg, Jan 22, 11:06pm
No it certainly wasn't in Granny's day but it's hard to say how yours was cooked.Is vinegar a main component?If so you will have more than three weeks but just how long is hard to say.

nauru, Jan 22, 11:12pm
I blend mine and then put through a seive to remove the tomato seeds & skin.I find this is much easier than skinning the tomatoes first.

greerg, Jan 22, 11:51pm
It probably is Nauru - I've always had a mouli so haven't had to work out how to do it without before - go with that way gojojo.

gerry64, Feb 21, 11:12am
just tried my sauce it is very pleasant -unusual not at all like my nanas sauce - ingredients listed - tomatoes onions apples garlic basil sugar vinegar - dont think I would buy it again -