Come Dine with Me . Question on the Vegan lady .

She expected all the non vegans to cook her vegan food. They come to her house and they are expected to eat her Vegan food. does this seem like a double standard ? genuinely interested.

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 3, 7:28 pm

maybut her entertainment was alot of fun! im liking this show more and more

Chef_motorbo, Jul 3, 7:30 pm

Yes however the righteous believe they are right.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 3, 7:32 pm

I feel sorry for the first cook (on Monday nite) to find out that they had a vegan guest. At least the rest had chances to serve up something for her. I don't think she should be in the show. Maybe if they had 5 vegan cooks competing.

Chef_thewomble1, Jul 3, 10:30 pm

Well they do it to see what they can stir up don't they? And the weirder you are the better chance you'd get on the show. Not saying vegans are weird

Chef_wendalls, Jul 3, 10:34 pm

So much taster stuff she could have made, than what she did!

Chef_antoniab, Jul 4, 9:08 am

Yes totally agree. have a family member who is vegan and that was not good vegan food.

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 4, 12:20 pm

im honestly too lazy to be a vegan, i love cooking but to create healthy good for you vegan food without being in the kitchen all the time . i dont think i could do it, aside from the fact that me and gluten are not friends. just makes it harder. eating less meat has taught me being a meat eater is the laziest kind of cooking, you base the meal around meat and some recipes have nothing much else with them. of course this is just my own opinion based on my own experiences . so you can go ahead and disagree with me. but no put downs. its about food :)

Chef_motorbo, Jul 4, 2:22 pm

I totally agree, a lot more thought and effort needs to be put into vegan and vegetarian food. I adore new ways of cooking vegetables and using them in interesting salads, but still partial to a nice piece of well cooked meat a well.

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 4, 2:54 pm

Yes. I think it is fair that the dietary requirements/wants/needs of a guest in your home be offered food to fit those requirements. This means that a vegan needs to cater for non-vegan guests and non-vegans should cater to vegan guests. So definitely a double standard in operation.

But it is rife really. I cannot tell you how often I have been offered pasta (by people who know we do not like it) or a low fat, high sugar meal when a guest in someone else's home whilst I have always endeavoured to make food to suit their wants.

In the great scheme of things it is not worth getting upset about. There are many more, much worse things that are more worthy of concern before food offerings. My feelings are that it is nice that food is plentiful in our beautiful country and we should be counting our blessings and if the food is edible and not instantly poisonous then what the heck? It is only one meal.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 4, 3:40 pm

Animal cruelty never crosses your mind does it Buzzy?

Chef_frances1266, Apr 13, 10:05 pm

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