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just_lookin1, Oct 8, 3:34am
Sometimes they peel fine, other times I take half the white off with the shell. Is it fresh eggs? Older eggs? Chilled eggs? Room temp eggs? Does any thing make a difference?

rainrain1, Oct 8, 3:35am
Older eggs peel better than fresh

bedazzledjewels, Oct 8, 3:51am
When you've finished hard boiling them, plunge them into cold water but crack the shell a bit first. Then out of the water and into the frig until you need them. Peel perfectly. That's a tip from Gordon Ramsay.

westward1, Oct 8, 4:32am
Yes, and it's damned frustrating. I read the other day to peel them under water, so mine go into a pot/bowl, I fill it with water, then peel. It does help.

whitehead., Oct 8, 4:53am
i tip mine into cold water and crack and peel them under water . if anything sticks i run the tap on it for a little while

lilyfield, Oct 8, 5:01am
NOT fresh eggs

cleggyboy, Oct 8, 5:11am
Yep chill them immediately after boiling, the quicker the better.

pam.delilah, Oct 8, 5:23am
cook, keep in the pot and chill under cold running water, strain water , pop on lid, shake the pot and few times and the shells come off easy

westward1, Oct 8, 5:39am
There you go just lookin, or should it be good lookin? Surely one of those must work.

tex-tickle, Oct 8, 5:43am
Use a slightly curved and blunt instrument (teaspoon handle or the part of a nail clipper for pushing the cuticles back) ease it under the shell as a tool.

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That way you don't have to stress about the eggs you're using.

nattles88, Oct 8, 7:11am
put a spoonful of baking powder in the water and they peel off super easy

red36, Oct 8, 9:14am
I use baking soda

ace441, Oct 8, 9:20am
You'll never easily peel a fresh egg - never, never, ever! But for the older ones, plunge into ice cold water as soon as they finish cooking and leave to stand about 5 mins.

lythande1, Oct 8, 6:24pm
Very fresh eggs don't peel well.

kaddiew, Oct 9, 2:21am
Once cooled in cold water I just roll them gently over the stainless steel ridged draining board to crack the shells all over, and the rest is easy.

rarogal, Oct 10, 8:50pm
Never had a problem even with fresh eggs, just tap each end on the inside of your sink, then roll the egg down it and the whole shell will come off.

uli, Oct 18, 7:45pm
Lots of fresh eggs around now - so I will bump this up for the newcomers.

raloki, Oct 18, 8:00pm
As soon as mine are hard boiled I tip out the hot water and run the pan under cold water until the water in the pan feels cold, then leave them sitting in the cold water until I need to peel them. longer they are left the better. I then put egg in a medium jar with a little of the water and put lid on and shake vigorously until shell comes off. Doesn't take long and no white lost. Saw it on You Tube and is great as I always used to end up with bits of shell still stuck to the egg before doing it this way.

fetish, Oct 19, 5:36am
Soon as they are cooked pan goes in sink, and cold water is added until it safe to touch eggs without burning your hands. Crack egg on side of pan, and UNDER water give it a very gentle squeeze, kind of letting the shell move a bit, then bring to surface, and find a broken part and start to peel carefully, if it sticks, put it back under water in pan and try to move shell carefully. Have done it this way forever, and it never fails. Trick is to do right away while egg is still hot, but in the cold water. :)

52many, Oct 19, 5:50am
Right this is one trick I am going to try. I hate trying to peel my fresh out of the hen eggs!

nzwhisky, Oct 19, 7:43am
I find it easy to peel by crushing the shell. Crack it then squeeze so it has heaps of cracks.

mooshiesmum, Oct 19, 8:22am
I boil for 9 minutes - then run cold water over the eggs in the pot so it floods for a minute or so in cold water - then when I want to peel them I crack the "fat" end of the egg against the side of the sink as there seems to be an airpocket there - then I peel. Works most of the time - unless they are super fresh! No fancy stuff here! lol

vashti, Oct 20, 3:06am
I learnt this from a poster on here, if it was you thanks very much.
Works every time.

dalkemade, Oct 20, 8:36pm
Kinky! I bet no one wants to share your shower

bedazzledjewels, Oct 20, 8:43pm
Might get a bit crunchy underfoot though.

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