Poppy Seeds.

I want to make this (seems easy and I have some left over lemon curd from the Custard Square recipe of last week - there were nearly pistols at dawn over that lol) -


But. would like to add some poppy seeds and am thinking/guessing maybe two tablespoons would be a good amount. Thoughts please? More, less?

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 2:13 pm

I would add one, then quick mix and see if want more, or just go for it. Poppy seeds are yum, and do go well with citrus.

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jul 21, 4:57 pm

Thanks, I did 'just go for it' in the end and. yum, turned out great. Very happy as are the other vultures in the household.

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 7:19 pm

Just wanted to come back and add (in case anyone else wants to make this) that I added a little lemon essence to the mix to up the citrus flavour a bit since it seemed a bit bland with only the lemon curd to carry it. Maybe 1/2 a teaspoon(ish) - sorry, didn't measure just added to taste.

Chef_sampa, Feb 24, 1:57 pm

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