Vacuum freezing

What is the best thing to use to create "space " in a vacuum freezer pack? Softer things like part cooked veges can get a bit squished by the pressure and tonight I think I killed a lovely bread thinking I could save it for a couple of days.
The manual suggests using a spacer but I have no idea what to use that also might be ok in a microwave for defrosting

Chef_lesleyd3, Jul 5, 10:32 pm

If your veges are getting squished with the vacuum, you over cooked them.

Just blanch them for sealing, not cook them.

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 6, 9:42 am

and stop the suction before they get squished


Chef_illusion_, Jul 6, 10:13 am

Freeze on a tray then put in bags and vacuum seal.

Chef_thewomble1, Apr 4, 9:00 pm

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