Peeling hard boiled eggs

Why do the shells sometimes come off easily, but other times take half the white with them? It's so frustrating!

Chef_clementine, May 30, 5:35 pm

Roll them with slight pressure to crack the shell. Then they peel off easy.

Chef_chito, May 30, 5:37 pm

As soon as they are cooked drain the hot water, place pot under cold running water for a few minutes and then roll gently as described in #2.

Chef_eastie3, May 30, 5:42 pm

If they are fresh, they are hard to peel,use older eggs.

Chef_kindajojo, May 30, 5:42 pm

How interesting. I didn't know that. I wonder why?

Chef_clementine, May 30, 5:44 pm

This, and I throw in a few ice cubes to hasten the process.

Chef_hezwez, May 30, 5:45 pm

Chef_hezwez, May 30, 5:47 pm

Just means they are fresh eggs.

Chef_holly-rocks, May 30, 5:48 pm

I agree, it's frustrating.
I reckon it's to do with the age of the eggs. I have my own chooks & I boiled up some 2 week old eggs last night & they were still dicey to peel. I put baking soda in the water (supposed to help) I cooled them well after the time in the pot (supposed to help) . I always try to get under the membrane by starting to peel at the rounder end (supposed to help) I rolled them on the bench & they still didn't peel nicely.
It didn't matter too much as it was for an egg curry, but they certainly wouldn't have been presentable as devilled/stuffed eggs.
I wonder if bought eggs are much older than we think?

Chef_samanya, May 30, 5:48 pm

Try putting some baking soda in the water while boiling the eggs- I find they peel easily when this is done

Chef_bluecat1529, May 30, 5:53 pm

there was a video around that showed how you put a small amount of water into a small glass then added boiled egg and turned glass upside down and shook vigourously and shell comes off
the water slowly went through your fingers
l have done this a few times and some shells come off completely and others less so but saves alot of time

Hope you get what l mean will try and find video as it does work

edit to add videos

Chef_griffo4, May 30, 9:03 pm

But fresh eggs are much nicer poached. and the whites don't disintegrate like older ones

Chef_kindajojo, May 30, 10:58 pm

I have tried all the methods with little success. Finally have got the answer: Steam the egg instead of boiling it. Tried it yesterday and it worked a treat. This was with the last egg in the carton when previously all the others had been impossible to peel nicely.

Chef_fluffyb, May 30, 11:10 pm

never had this trouble when we had white shelled eggs

Chef_slimgym, May 31, 7:12 am

Willy's Way - The way you cook them can be a problem. I put the room temperature eggs in a pot of cold water - put it on the stove on a highish heat. When the water boils, take the pot off the stove, put a lid on and leave to stand for about 10 minutes - then run cold water through the pot for a while and leave. They usually peel just file and the yolks are still a little soggy/runny - perfect for a Caesar Salad.

Chef_willyow, Jun 4, 4:01 pm

This is not necessarily true either. I have used eggs straight from under the hen and sometimes they are easy to peel and other times not same as with any eggs.

Chef_..pip.., Jun 4, 4:17 pm

That's how I 'hard boil' eggs as I don't like them actually hard . & still have the odd difficulty peeling them neatly.
The method works well for getting the result to suit me, though.

Chef_samanya, Jun 4, 5:39 pm

I have always hit the egg shell, then used a teaspoon to get the shell off, (scoop it off) usually in big pieces (often 2 or 3) easier than fingers.

Chef_edenrose, Jun 19, 7:02 pm

I used some free range eggs from a friend last night and they where about 3 weeks old and where shits to peel seeing it was just for me wasn't an issue but I just fine it's jolly hit and miss. But might try the baking soda trick. I try and use farm fresh for poaching as you can taste the difference and they are nicer.

Chef_anne1955, Jun 20, 5:03 pm

Like poster two I roll them gently on the bench breaking the shell all over, then the shell just falls off, easy peasy.

Chef_jia5, Jun 20, 5:50 pm

After boiling eggs, tip water out, hold lid on pot and shake vigorously in different directions (up down, sidewards. forward and back). Shells will just peel off,you can use running water to assist. works for me everytime.

Chef_pinnochio1, Jun 21, 10:51 am

Steam them. 6 min for softish yolks. We have free range chooks so always have fresh eggs, and steaming is the very best way I've found for easy peel

Chef_gertie, May 14, 3:08 pm

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