Onion powder

Where can I buy onion powder in Christchurch?

Chef_hidecote01, Jun 8, 1:30 pm

would Binn inn have it?

Chef_ruby2shoes, Jun 8, 1:32 pm

Piko might have it. The Bin Inn used to stock it.

Chef_frances1266, Jun 8, 2:49 pm

I buy dehydrated onion at the Asian Food store and 'blitz it' in my mini whizz.

Chef_nanasee1, Jun 8, 2:56 pm


Chef_sarahb5, Jun 8, 3:08 pm

What about a pack of onion soup if you are only wanting a small quantity.

Chef_karlymouse, Jun 8, 10:31 pm

Best place to buy onion powder is at an Indian grocery shop.

Chef_pogram0, Jun 9, 9:05 pm

bin has it, the one in lincoln road remember the new one has opened on the other side of the road

Chef_slimgym, Jun 10, 3:11 am


Chef_hilt_dwane, Jun 10, 10:29 pm

I get my spices including onion powder from from http://leenaspices.com/

Chef_thewomble1, Jun 7, 11:03 pm

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