Hard Boiled eggs!

Called into supermarket and in their chiller they had 1/2 doz organic free range 'perfectly hard boiled eggs' $5.99? Only $1 dearer than actually buying the raw eggs, but it went through my brain. "what next"!

Chef_seniorbones, Mar 26, 2:27 pm

Yeah like packet meals, jars of sauce and pre-sliced fruit and veges. For the too much money and not enough effort brigade.

Chef_lythande1, Mar 26, 2:45 pm

And packet food is yuk, high fat and sugar! Although must admit I have used frozen mashed potatoes once and they were ok on top of fish pie, only two of us and sick of throwing out green potatoes, now I just buy a few at a time and Im sure Ive seen people give me 'expensive way to buy 3 potatoes' look. Nothing seems to last as long as it used!

Chef_seniorbones, Mar 26, 3:06 pm

I saw hard boiled eggs in SM's throughout the UK when I visited last year. They were in the deli chiller with sandwiches and other lunchtime foods.

Chef_nauru, Mar 26, 6:22 pm

Who saw Heston cooking eggs? His method for boiling. Bring to the boil with eggs in from cold. Turn off at boiling and leave for 7 minutes then rinse in cold. I tried this and had lovely perfectly just hard boiled eggs.

Chef_wendalls, Mar 26, 8:00 pm

Where they shelled? Maybe thats whats next!

I know when i travelled through Asia, you could buy hard-boiled eggs that where shelled all floating around in a huge container in the 40 degrees heat. ! You could smell them before you saw them!

Its crazy though, buying hardboiled eggs. No wonder the young folks dont know how to cook these days :O

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 26, 8:31 pm

that is how I do hard boiled eggs bring to boil take pan off heat might not be 7 min but still works for me

Chef_harrislucinda, Mar 26, 8:47 pm

Ditto. Doesn't everybody?

Chef_gilligee, Mar 26, 9:30 pm

I only leave for 5 min then the eggs are good for making soldiers. I never saw the program my cousin did and she told me all about it, for some unknown reason I remembered, of all the things Ive been told in my life and remember how to boil eggs

Chef_slimgym, Mar 27, 4:34 am

I bought pre-boiled eggs when I was in Korea - our apartment only had a microwave, so I found them quite handy. In Seoul, it is soooo cheap to eat out or buy pre-made everything, no-one bothers to cook anymore; from memory I think it was about 80 cents for two boiled eggs.

But that's not true here, so not sure I see the point, unless age/infirmity prevents you from cooking.

Chef_mjhdeal, Mar 27, 7:31 am

My local PaknSave sells peeled hardboiled eggs from the deli chiller @ $1 each. Think I've seen them in New World as well.

Chef_kaddiew, Mar 27, 5:48 pm

well just answering #5

Chef_harrislucinda, Mar 27, 8:05 pm

It is just a saying/quotation. I wasn't inferring anything!
One has to be so careful on these boards.

Chef_gilligee, Mar 27, 8:16 pm

This. It's how I was taught 40 plus years ago in school cooking class.

Chef_frogz99, Mar 27, 9:11 pm

Interesting thread - but most cafes have hard boiled and shelled eggs on their normal cabinet food - and have done for yonks - at a price. Never got it really - rather go home and boil and shell my own - I like really hard boiled so about 7 minutes - shell and mash with heaps of butter, a touch of salt and lots of white pepper - heap onto lovely seeded bread and enjoy just as they are!

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 27, 10:21 pm

be handy for a lunch for a body builder or someone wanting protein etc.

or buy some, some salad etc, and healthy lunch.

handy for those that arent at home, ie in hotel, at an office etc.

Chef_christin, Mar 28, 8:21 am

I gave in to a whim and bought a silly looking little chicken shaped thing that said you could boil eggs in the microwave. Expecting the worst I tried it and, works fine, I use it all the time. A lot of the time I just want one egg quickly and it's often for a - I forgot to have lunch and want an egg / or an egg sandwich right now thanks - 2 minutes after thinking that I have my egg. :)

Chef_sampa, Mar 28, 11:06 am

If you have an Air Fryer - pop them in the basket - no water needed -2 mins soft boiled - 4 mins hard boiled on 160 - perfect every time

Chef_gerry64, Mar 28, 2:51 pm

Not everyone has access to a kitchen and can cook their own when they're out and about. When I travel and haven't got anything for lunch, I often go to the supermarket and buy food that I can make into a healthy lunch at short notice and with very little equipment, rather than go to a cafe and buy stodge or sugary foods. I would have thought being able to buy cooked eggs a real boon.

Naturally, I take my own, prepared-by-own-hands food most of the time but sometimes it is not possible.

Now my only issue is what goes into the eggs. You can buy them in American supermarkets but they are peeled and doused in some nasty preservative stuff which completely negates their goodness and ruins the taste.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 28, 5:24 pm

Sounds like a bargain. Time and energy saved in having to boil them yourself half a dozen times. 7 minutes to boil an egg multiply by 6. 42 minutes at a decent hourly rate is about $30 plus washing the dishes and power.

Chef_cabrio1, Mar 28, 5:59 pm

Do you preheat the airfryer first? Thanks

Chef_timturtle, Mar 28, 6:22 pm

Last year on a trip to Fiji I asked for soft boiled eggs for breakfast on one occasion. They came out hot, soft yolks and pre-peeled.

Wonder who burnt their fingers doing that? I was a little perturbed initially that they were shellless but. can't fault the customer care involved.

Chef_sampa, Mar 28, 7:19 pm

They were still there today with the best before 25th. when I Cook eggs and dont use straight away I wouldnt leave that long. they would be convienent for all the reasons someone mentioned.

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Mar 28, 7:45 pm

No burnt fingers. They will have been reheated.
Steam to cook (with a timer), place in ice water, once cold peel under ice water, reheat in 60 degree C water (the yolks will stay runny at that temp)

Chef_illusion_, Mar 28, 8:13 pm

Marks &n Spencer UK stores has many already-cooked foods for sale, even porridge!

Chef_margo191, Mar 30, 9:06 am

I always cook my hard boiled eggs by this method, not taught, eventually worked it out over time.

Chef_margo191, Mar 30, 9:07 am

I do the same. A family method.

Chef_kay141, Mar 30, 9:11 am

No I don't preheat it -

Chef_gerry64, Mar 31, 1:18 am

Not where we stayed (really small out of the way place). They were very obviously confused by my request and tried their best to give me what they thought I wanted. It was quite sweet really so I didn't say a word and proceeded to eat my pre-peeled eggs with a show of great enthusiasm.

Chef_sampa, Mar 31, 9:36 am

Quite often when travelling we will decide to have a picnic for lunch. Stop at a supermarket and get coleslaw, green salad, potato salad, sliced meats, and boiled eggs (wife likes egg salad I go for boiled eggs) and fruit juice. I have a picnic basket with plates cutlery glasses etc. Have been doing that for decades and boiled eggs are usually available what is all the fuss about?

Edit to add that's what Wife and I did on our first date I asked her out for lunch then went to Countdown Greerton got all the picnic stuff (fairly sure there were a couple of boiled eggs in there) picked her up and went to McLaren falls park and had a picnic by the lake, 2 years later we were married on the exact same spot :)

Chef_beaker59, Mar 31, 9:49 am

Awww. You're a romantic. The boiled eggs sealed your fate.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 31, 10:01 am

Son always hates picnic stops he would rather have lunch at Macca's

Chef_beaker59, Mar 31, 10:16 am

Maybe because the loo facilities are better and you get to sit at a table, keep your butt dry and don't have to share with the bugs. He's just a sophisticated modern lad. Not like us hayseed yokels for whom boiled eggs from the supermarket deli and paper napkins represented the height of haute cusine.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 31, 6:10 pm

aww that gave me warm fizzles! Thank you for sharing your story.My partner and i have picnics now and then too, people dont do it enough these days!

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 31, 6:28 pm

A lot of Asian, meals use hard boiled eggs, so they cook them as above, peel them, then cook the meal, ( curry comes to mind, then they place the egg in the bowl, add the curry and that heats up the egg.
I had such a meal at Singapore Airport, and it was Fantastic.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 31, 6:48 pm

it's also a great way to do eggs for any dish that requires a poached egg too where the egg is either cold (or even reheated) with a runny yolk.
Place egg where you wish, cut, voilà
I have also developed a liking for semi-soft yolks in hard boiled eggs. So you cut them and theyre glossy rather than dry, but wont actually run.

Chef_illusion_, Mar 31, 8:12 pm

Deep fried soft boiled eggs are great.
Boil eggs ta few minutes, then cool under cold water.
Make the batter, dip the egg in some flour then in the batter, deep fry, Great for something a bit different. If done right the yoke will flow out as you bite into them., be care full you don't burn your self.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 31, 8:34 pm

Coddled eggs. So yum. An old way of cooking them - used to be used a lot for the infirm as coddling keeps the whites oh so soft and palatable. Coddled eggs in the shell - and I don't prick them, btw. Works fine for me.http://www.recipetips.com/k-

Chef_awoftam, Mar 31, 8:40 pm

OMG that sounds awesome! Will def try. Thanks so much for sharing.

Chef_awoftam, Mar 31, 8:40 pm

Please do try, they are a bit tricky at first, but use a spoon to dip them in the batter, then onto a slotted spoon, allow to drain, just a bit then lower into the hot oil.
Happy to share. Enjoy.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 31, 8:46 pm

Yes, wendalls (#5) I cook my boiled eggs like that and they never disappoint.

Chef_roshu, Mar 31, 9:10 pm

I thought who would buy already boiled egg's when i saw them too. One day on a whim i purchased some smoked boiled eggs, from our local New World. Wow they are delicious and went nicely with my salad.

Chef_the-archer, Apr 5, 3:02 pm

great snack foods for kids and elderly. I also like the cheese already sliced and/or cubed.
Yes to some it would be an expensive way to purchase food but to others struggling to cook , prepare food , open packets etc etc .

Chef_jbsouthland, Apr 5, 4:36 pm

Aaw lovely !
Mr JB did similar for me one night after we first met . I had a Calligraphy evening class .Wishing to see me and knowing I hadn't eaten prior . he was on my doorstep by 9.30 pm with various cold meats and salads etc ( deli bought ) even a tablecloth. we dined on the floor . was a lovely gesture . though he had dressed in the most horrendous hawaian shirt as part of the props . lol !

Chef_jbsouthland, Apr 5, 4:42 pm

I love Hawaiian shirts.

Chef_buzzy110, Nov 4, 1:54 pm

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