Rice pudding in Pressure Cooker

Has anyone been brave enough to attempt cooking rice pudding in a pressure cooker. There are a few recipes but the pressure cooker manual warns against using rice pudding ingredients directly into the pressure cooker.

Chef_jaybee321, Apr 24, 9:24 pm

If you boil the mixture it curdles.

Chef_deanna14, Apr 24, 10:21 pm

Huh? Just if you make it in the pressure cooker? I make mine in the rice cooker - really creamy and yum

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 24, 10:38 pm

My mother made hers in the pressure cooker every time, it was delicious. From memory she heated the rice, milk, sugar through till boiling point, then popped on the lid. No idea how long she cooked it. Might be trial and error. I've been thinking of getting a pressure cooker. what else do you use yours for?

Chef_molly37, Apr 25, 6:45 am

Molly37, I use mine for cornbeef, bolars & topsides, casseroles, chicken, soups, steamed puddings. Great in the motor home when in a hurry and saves on the gas.

Chef_camper18, Apr 25, 8:51 am

I often make rice pud in mine - 1 cup short grain rice, barely cover with water and bring to the boil with the lid off. When the water has just about evaporated, add a knob of butter, 1 can evaporated milk and same amount of ordinary milk plus half a can of water. Add vanilla essence if you have any. Lid on, bring up to pressure and cook 5 minutes. Mine is an ancient pressure cooker so I reduce the heat so the valve turns gently, not at full belt. Switch off after 5 mins but leave the lid on. Wait 10 mins, take lid off and stir in sugar to taste. (if you add sugar at the beginning it tends to stick to the bottom of the pan and burn)

Chef_pauline999, Apr 25, 6:22 pm

i make mine in the slow cooker.
Its great.

Chef_jude343, Apr 26, 3:28 pm

Yes similar here. Soup in 10 minutes is such a treat on a short lunch hour in winter

Chef_jaybee321, Sep 13, 10:01 pm

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