Peach Cobbler

Hi All,

I have never eaten or made a cobbler myself. But today I followed a recipe and made one. It seems to be quite soggy inside! Not nice and dry like a sponge cake. Is a cobbler supposed to be wet and soggy like thick soup inside? I don't know whether what I have got is how it is supposed to be lol. The outer crust is firm though. Thanks in advance!

I followed this recipe:

Chef_weera2500, May 10, 4:44 pm

That's an odd recipe. Normally a cobbler consists of fruit in syrup with a rich scone-type dough patted out and cut into scone-sized pieces and laid on top, the whole thing baked until the top is cooked through. It shouldn't be like soup.

Yours possibly need to be cooked longer (30 min at 350F is not very long) and maybe the baking dish was not wide enough to give the topping a chance to cook through.

Chef_davidt4, May 10, 6:21 pm

Sometimes too much fruit juice will make the sponge soggy or like above it needs more cooking

Chef_lcl2, May 10, 6:30 pm

It's a a southern US style cobbler.

Chef_wheelmann, May 10, 8:54 pm

It isn't supposed to be like a sponge, but a little more dense and a bit of moisture but not like a soup. I not a fan of PD's recipes.

There looks to be too much sugar in there. Don't use the syrup from the peaches. I use tinned peaches, drained then in a bowl with 1/4 cup sugar and cinnamon, stir a bit to mix and let sit while I make the batter. Then pouring the batter in a dish, place the peaches in the batter. Don't stir or add syrup.

I bake at 325 F / 160c for 30 mins or until golden.

Chef_wheelmann, May 10, 9:00 pm

Thank you for the replies :)

Chef_weera2500, May 11, 12:26 am

Have watched PD make this on her TV programme.
People tend to forget there are other ways of making items that are not familiar to most NZ cooks.

I protest at one NZ site that uses flour tortillas when making 'enchiladas'. Anything made with a flour tortilla is a burrito. Enchiladas are made with corn tortillas.

Chef_coralsnake, Aug 12, 4:50 am

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