What's cooking in your kitchen today?

Bread, ginger cake for the wwoofers.

Beef cheeks for dinner and potato and celeriac mash for dinner and of course red cabbage with red wine and apples and cinnamon and other spices.

No dessert apart from fresh mandarins off the tree and fresh mac's also fresh off the tree - they taste a bit like coconut right now.

Chef_uli, Jul 13, 9:08 pm

Can you please share your recipe for Instant Pudding Slice?

Chef_darkestangel1, Jul 15, 12:51 am

Pineapple lump cake. (actually the three-ingredient crushed pineapple cake but with dark melted chocolate poured over the top and left to set hard.)

Chef_fey, Jul 15, 2:29 pm

Boned Stuffed roast lamb shoulder and roast veges.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 15, 2:44 pm

Slow roasting pork shoulder with fennel. Smell wonderful. Also made an apple and coconut cream pudding, chilling in the frig. Going to cook some beets soon and then roast a mix of veges. Tomorrow cooking up a double lamb shakshouka mix to freeze.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 15, 2:55 pm

Nothing cooking yet, but I have assembled the components of pork fried rice - leftover pork belly which was braised in masterstock, coconut oil, spring onions, garlic chives, coriander, eggs, salted radish, onion, eggplant, red capsicum, cooked rice, garlic, ginger, light soy sauce, Shaoxing, oyster sauce and sesame oil. I might toast some cashews as well to give it some texture.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 15, 3:34 pm

Swedish apple cake Saw it on Rachel Allen but have been sick. Dragged myself up today. Nice snd easy.

Chef_mercartin, Jul 15, 3:41 pm

We had a chicken and rice soup for lunch with a little left over pork fried rice and for dinner tonight we are having a Pumpkin Spinach and blue cheese tart with a brown rice crust. ( I know it a bit of an overkill on rice) . but it tastes just SO GOOD

Chef_petal1955, Jul 15, 5:47 pm

What's cooking in your kitchen today?

Nothing much, as I'm slimming, lol. Just warming up some minestrone soup that I had made.

Chef_kiwilion, Jul 15, 5:51 pm

Left over smoked fish pie from last night. Some vegies with it, don't know what yet.

Chef_strebor1, Jul 15, 5:54 pm

Nothing! (well not much)
Had a big day in the kitchen yesterday, chicken/cranberry casserole, roast vegetable salad with aoli & a strawberry/rhubarb tart so it's leftovers here too . made to take to a family gathering & joy of joys, no cooking today well apart from some Brussell sprouts from the garden.
Dessert 2 nights in a row, unheard of for me!

Chef_samanya, Jul 15, 6:36 pm

Samanya do you mind posting the chicken cranberry casserole please. Sounds good to me.

Chef_macwood2, Jul 15, 8:28 pm

Here you go.
It's from Robyn Martin's 'Best recipes for Crockpots & Slow Cookers' & it was good . hadn't made it before.
! onion
2 cloves garlic
8 skinned/boned chicken thighs (I left the bones in)
3 rashers bacon
170g pkt dried cranberries
1 cup red wine
1 tsp chicken stock powder
1 bay leaf
3 tabs cornflour
3 tabs water
fresh rosemary or lavender
Peel 0nion & chop. Crush peel & chop garlic.
cut thighs in half ( I used small whole ones)
Derind bacon & chop. Put onion, garlic, chicken, bacon, cranberries, wine, stock powder & Bay leaf into slow cooker. Cover & cook on low for 8 hours. Stir half way through if possible.
Half an hour before serving, mix cornflour & water & mix into chicken. Cover & cook on high for 30 minutes. Serve garnished with the rosemary or lavender sprigs.
I popped a few Rosemary leaves into the pot at the start.

Chef_samanya, Jul 15, 10:09 pm

Beer bread generously sprinkled with poppy and sesame seeds along with linseeds. I have one slice left to have with my lightly curried kumara soup which I added a small grating of fresh ginger to because I thought it might work well. It did. :) Looking forward to my lunch today.

Chef_sampa, Jul 16, 11:43 am

I have to ice my Instant Pudding Slice first off, then going to make some Kiwi Fruit & Ginger Jam yummy love it even if I had to pay 99c a kg for it. Just cranking up the coal range as I type this. It's one of those days here. And for tea/dinner it's lamb's fry and bacon, with mashed spud. yummy to. I even got some tripe the other day so might make that up for tomorrow night.
Did my easy peeszy biscuits last night, have eaten half of them already :) I take a container of things to bed and eat while I read. The joys of living alone. ok would be nice to have other type of company, :) But not to be currently :( so food is second best. Looking for a hunter gather so I can get rabbits and or fresh fish.

Chef_anne1955, Jul 28, 11:02 am

Just plan on making a date loaf today and haven't planned dinner yet.

Chef_lodgelocum, Jul 28, 11:07 am

Sticky date puddings + making icing sugar!. Later a pork roast with all the trimmings

Chef_accroul, Jul 28, 11:09 am

boiled eggs :-)

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 28, 11:12 am

Hard or soft? Curried or plain? Cheese and parsley added?

Chef_anne1955, Jul 28, 1:09 pm

Lemon honey on toast, scrambled eggs on toast and smoked salmon on crackers at the moment because its lunchtime

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 28, 1:42 pm

Just about to bottle my jam then might have a read of my book in front of coal range and let eyes drop off for a bit.

Chef_anne1955, Jul 28, 2:07 pm

We were talking about making regional or cultural dishes at work the other day, so I am baking Bakewell Tart today. traditionally English and I have never made it before, so hope it turns out OK

Chef_figjamto, Jul 28, 2:10 pm

I have aranichi, waiting to be fried, (made last night). an arrabiata sauce simmering. Hubby has some Thai chicken nibbles marinating, and I have prepped a four cheese pizza. Off to birthday with nibbles :-)

Chef_ruby19, Jul 28, 3:53 pm

Herman the German sourdough friendship cake- yum.
Pot roast as per Martha Stewart. Average but probably my fault.
Bacon bone and vege soup. Yum!

Chef_wendalls, Jul 28, 11:29 pm

I made pizza tonight, I make it often now ive found an easy base recipe and with organic flour it seems to sit ok with my digestion

Chef_motorbo, Jul 29, 1:49 am

I have a pile of carrots sitting here, so a big pot of carrot soup

Chef_goult, Jul 29, 7:16 am

Macaroni cheese.
Fry onion and bacon, add a bit of mushroom - all finely chopped, add tomato puree, add pepper, cook pasta, mix in sauce, add 2 big handfuls of grated flavorsome cheese, mix and eat.

Made a lemon cake too as there is an excess of lemons again.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 29, 7:32 am

Mashed, a bit of salt and pepper, made layer sandwiches for our lunch

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 8:26 am

Yum. I have only had Aranichi at a restaurant in Dunedin, its lovely . risotto rice with mozarella in the centre, crumbed and fried is that correct ? I have wondered if I could make it at home as I don't have a deep fryer, How do you do yours and what is that sauce. sounds delicious

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 29, 9:14 am

My recipe says "Fill a deep heavy based pan one-third full of oil heat to 180c Doesn't have any sauce recipes with it, I make a few different dipping sauces. I often use my cast fry-pan for my deep frying fact made home made chips in it last night.

Chef_anne1955, Jul 29, 9:27 am

Minestrone Soup, Muesli biscuits, Muffins, not sure what else yet that is why I came in here to get inspiration.

Chef_suie1, Jul 29, 3:37 pm

Vanilla chocolate chip cup cakes in the oven now before I put the chicken and veggies in there for dinner

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 29, 5:12 pm

Miss 11 made some shortbread with white choc chips and sprinkles on top - very yummy too

Chef_djsh, Jul 29, 6:00 pm

Absolutely nothing LOL. Went up to Palmerston North to the home and living show and stayed overnight and had dinner out, it was a great weekend.

Chef_cookessentials, Mar 15, 10:49 pm

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