Whole Baked Snapper ideas please?

otterhound, Jun 24, 4:18am
I have a huge whole snapper in the freezer that I'd like to cook for a couple of friends this week, but have never done one before. It's a lovely big fish so I'd like to do it justice. Can anyone help with ideas here? Can you stuff whole fish with a rice type of stuffing perhaps? Or just ideas of what to lay inside it to add flavour. Thanks =)

otterhound, Jun 24, 6:03am
Bumping because tomorrow is my day in town and only chance to buy what I need for this =)

mecanix, Jun 24, 6:06am
I usually use a little lemon and let the fish stand on its on.

davidt4, Jun 24, 7:05am
If it is a really fresh fish don't over-complicate it. I would just place some lemon slices, parsley, salt and pepper and butter in the cavity, fresh thyme and bay leaves if you have them, salt and pepper on the outside and bake it until just cooked through. Rest it ten minutes before serving.

If it is not really fresh you would be better to fillet it and cook in a curry or a tomatoey stew.

otterhound, Jun 24, 9:07am
Thanks - it was caught and frozen about 4 weeks ago.

daarhn, Jun 24, 9:20am
A thick firm fish that holds its shape well when baking.

Lay out tinfoil, layer with baking paper. clean fish. score thick slices to half thickness. inside. layer with lemon slices crushed lemon grass, sliced kaffir lime leaves, ginger, sliced red chillis, fresh corriander, sea salt flakes, cracked black pepper, dobs of butter, splash white wine. top fish in cracks/ slices slide in slivers ginger chilli kaffir lime leaves, season with salt cracked pepper.
Carefully fold baking paper into parcel. sealing over folds with stapler. Then wrap tinfoil over baking paper to make another parcel. The fish will steam in its juices. Preheat oven. Place fish on baking tray. Bake for at least 30mins. Open a little corner- beware of steam. if fish looks white and flakes when forkstuck in then fish ready. When serving place fish parcel onto warmed white ceramic shallow dish. open the fish parcel at the table fold back paper and wait for the steam to hit and everyone does a oooh aaah. Use crusty baked bread to sop up the juices. (crusty white bread- purchase a unsliced loaf- rap in foil pop into oven last 1omins of fish cooking)

racecom, Jun 25, 2:12am
You dont say whether or not it still has it head on or gills in and scales on. So presumiong it does, remove these.
Next take a sheet of foil and wipe it with oil (Avocado is best) place onto the oil a layer of thinly sliced potato then brown onion rings. Place 3 slashes through the fish on each side and season well with salt and pepper. As seen on Carters Gone fishin with Derek the Chef.co.nz
Place into the gut cavity, diced toamato chopped coriander and lemon of lime slices.
Place a few extra lemon slices on top of the fish then seal in a parcel by turning the edges together.
place into a preheated oven @ 180 degrees c and cook for aroundd 20 minutes depending on size of fish.
To serve just open the pparcel ,check that the fish flakes aweay from the bone easliy with a fork then serve on a bed of roasted root vegetables with a warm Thai sweet chilli sauce. as seen on TV with Derekthechef.co.nz

otterhound, Jun 25, 6:57am
Thank you! Am feeling way more confident about this now. Can I ask why the head should be removed before cooking? Cos yes, it's still on =) Not sure about the scales - will have to check when I get it out of the freezer.

bev00, Jun 25, 10:26am
sounds yummy . a dish fit for a king

twindizzy, Jun 25, 8:35pm
* Make sure your fish is scaled, gutted and cleaned then score the fish on both side 5-6 times. Stuff the cavity of the fish with the herbs, slice the lemon and ginger and put with the herbs. Rub the fish with a little olive oil and season with salt and lemon kelp.
* Pre heat oven to 180-200c
* Heat a large nonstick pan, add some olive oil then the fish, colour on both sides then transfer to a tray and continue cooking in the oven for 6-8 minutes or until cooked.

(When baking in the oven, bake the snapper sitting upright so it holds it shape).

tazdevil38, Jun 25, 10:37pm
You don't need to remove the head before cooking. Just make sure it's gutted and well cleaned before cooking.

beaker59, Jun 26, 12:50am
Head is the best bit though generally I smoke the heads and eat them chilled mmmmmmmm

bev00, Apr 29, 5:20pm
too good to lose

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