Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

clareo, Jan 23, 10:10pm
So I have splurged and bought a cuisinart ICE30 - so if anyone has some great recipes that they wouldn't mind sharing or a book that would recommend that would be awesome. Thanks

clareo, Dec 17, 6:23pm
Hi, Does anyone have one and do you recommend it or is it really fiddly? And will it join our other unused appliances? Thinking of getting one as a Christmas pressie so any advice from owners would be awesome! Thanks,

harrislucinda, Dec 17, 6:36pm
don't have that brand but yes another garget sitting in cupboard not being used

sampa, Dec 18, 2:26am
One with a compressor or one where you pop the bowl part into the frezzer first?

cookessentials, Dec 18, 3:21am
I have a Krups which is simple and easy to use.

greerg, Dec 18, 5:23am
I have a Cuisinart and find it excellent. Have just perfected frozen yoghurt for won's partner and now need a good egg nog icecream for when daughter comes home. I don't find it fiddly and it doesn't sit in a cupboard but I admit I am a gadget freak and I do like giving food gifts.

clareo, Dec 18, 7:02am
One without the compressor is what I was thinking.

clareo, Dec 18, 7:03am
What type of Cuisinart is it - if you don't mind me asking. Thanks

sampa, Apr 26, 11:16am
I bought one like that and didn't really get much use from it. So I splurged and bought one with a compressor and love it. but. they are expensive! The one's I see currently for sale here on TM are twice at least what I paid so shop around if you decide you'd like one with a compressor. They are fun and easy to use but lot of $$$ investment. Excellent ice cream though and lots of opportunities to explore gourmet type flavours and combos. :)

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