Son won an Ice age ice cream maker

knickersnz22, Jan 17, 11:24am
Now need so recipes so he can make soon. Any one have any kid friendly ice cream recipes.

watertank1, Jan 17, 6:21pm
Have you got Renet!
I have noticed all the recipies in the makers book have eggs i use the following instead:
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 tspoon Renet
1 cup Milk
any flavouring
Heat milk and sugar slowly in a sauce pan - not past 40 deg - untill sugar has desolved, then take off heat and add 1 tspoon Renet, stir and leave to set, when set put into fridge untill cool.
beat up your cream, and your sugar mix to the cream and also beat untill well mixed.
follow directions on ice cream maker

I have made flavours like - white choc and raspberry, choc/nut/mashmellow, strawberry, pineapple - if you are using fruit i find it better to add while the mixture is nearly frozen in machine.
Good luck

gardie, Jan 17, 6:52pm
Is the second measurement of milk supposed to be cream!Love the sound of an egg free icecream.

watertank1, Jan 17, 11:21pm
cricky yes! sorry.Yes i didnt like the thought of using 4-5 eggs each ice cream it would cost more to make than to buy ice cream from the shop.
I am lucky though i use my goats milk, my hubbies cows cream and my hens eggs! so a very cost effective

harrislucinda, Jan 18, 3:52am
ijustbroughtaicecreammakerandmostof therecipesareeggcustardThe1imadeyesterdaywas4eggsto1cupofmilk andcreamtastetooeggyThegoodthingimadeapavwiththeyolks

olwen, Jan 18, 4:12am
My grandmother told us when I was young that her mother made icecream with a custard base (they had a shop),that would have been about 100 years ago I think. (for me as a kid knowing only custard powder custard it sounded awful).

When we first had a freezer we used evaporated milk, sugar and vanilla essence, partly frozen, beaten and returned to the freezer.I don't know if it would work with an icecream maker.

lindylambchops1, Jan 18, 4:43am
You made a pavlova with the YOLKS!lolWhites surely!!

harrislucinda, Jan 18, 6:05am
meantto bewhites

connor2003, Jan 18, 9:46pm
Can you still buy Rennet! If so, where!

greerg, Jan 18, 9:52pm
Supermarket in the deserts section here.

greerg, Jan 18, 9:52pm
Oops desserts .

watertank1, Jan 18, 11:51pm
i buy it from Countdown by their easy yo youghrt stuff.I get the renco rennet - ice cream recipie on the box!

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