Ice cream maker

clevercloggs, Mar 4, 7:04am
Just wondering where you can buy those ice cream makers they use on the cooking programmes like great British menu!They always seem to make the ice cream so quickly from what seems to be warm to hot mixes being put into them!
I've got one where you have to freeze the bowl for a certain amount of hours and find it a bit of a pain.

antoniab, Mar 4, 7:21am
You can get ones that freeze as they churn (you dont need to freeze the bowl first) but I would imagine the ones they use on Great British menu are commercial models, cant remember what they look like off the top of my head

antoniab, Mar 4, 7:23am
Like this but Im pretty sure you would have to cool the mixture first before putting it in.!st=1&sn=24&pg=254&cat_id=22&product_id=36630

iriegirl, Mar 4, 7:29am
Ice cream makers with a compressor, definately available, however very expensive, eg. Cuisinart has one at around $680

clevercloggs, Mar 4, 8:50pm
Hi, thanks for your responses. Yes, they're pricey and I'd have to make a lot of ice cream in order to recoup the cost of one. Maybe on my next trip overseas ill buy one and bring it home!

harrislucinda, Mar 5, 1:05am
igotminefromNoelLemmingin chchHavesomemakingnow

glynsmum, Mar 5, 2:26am
I just leave my bowl in the freezer,and its ready when I need to use it!

fostey1, Mar 5, 2:58am
i have been lent a k-mart one but am going to give it a go. The thing I don't understand is every recipe calls for a list of completely different ingredients. One said 6 egg yolks, another one says 2 yolks, condensed milk etc etc. I guess they all turn out nice but the one I am going to try is from the ice cream makers own book. womens day this week have recipes for making ice cream & sorbets, which is next on my list.

harrislucinda, Mar 5, 3:20am
tryedthe1from themanualmadewithcustardandeggsdid,ntlikelikeittoostrongeeggtasteNowto thecondensedmilk 1muchnicer

rainrain1, Mar 5, 3:37am
does anyone have a low fat icecream maker recipe thanks

antoniab, Mar 5, 5:00am
That is actually a good idea. I have the Cusineart model that you freeze the bowl first, around $499 here, my sis bought it in the UK as a wedding pressie for just over 100 quid. My Kenwood mixer I also bought over there when I lived there for 130 quid - same model here $800!

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