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kiwiscrapper1, Nov 28, 10:44pm
made my first lot of ice-cream but it turned out more vanilla colour rather than white and creamy it was also quite icey like gelato rather than ice-cream! what did I do wrong it was made with the custard recipe 8 egg yolks full cream milk and cream and followed the recipe properly for a change! so many people say how delish it is but I didnt think much of it.

kiwiscrapper1, Nov 29, 7:25am
Thankyou, will definitely give this a try and love all the different add ons

dms01, Nov 29, 7:42am
the egg yolks are where the colour comes from. Store bought vanilla doesn't have them. The iciness I think something has gone wrong in the freezing process, either didn't stir enough or cool fast enough I'm guessing.

willyow, Nov 29, 4:06pm
Too many egg yolks - the egg yolk is an emulsifier in ice cream - youonly need about3-4 egg yolks per litre ofend-product ice cream.

Even with 4 egg yolks a litre of ice cream tends to be a light pale yellow.
8 will make it really yellow.

I make vanilla bean ice cream all the time - thekey tricks in ice cream making are:-

1/Once you have made the custard,cool it, cover it, andlet it age in the fridge over night, Aging is a process that greatly improves the end product.
2/ Isubstitute 20-40 grams of sugar with Glucose (supermarkets and health food shops have it usually). This stops the ice cream coming out of the freezer likeabrickand makes it more scoopable ( a new word!)

Never make ice cream that is more than 25-30% cream - it is too hard and too fattening. The custard-based ones are much tastier in my view.

Gelato while nice isalmost all sugar

willyow, Nov 29, 4:35pm
250 ml cream
500 ml full cream milk
150 grams sugar
30 grams glucose
4egg yolks
1 big fat vanilla pod.
A pinch of salt (eighth teaspoon)

Blitz the vanilla pod with the sugar and glucose in a food processor.

Put the milk & cream in aheavy saucepan -whisk the egg yolks - and add to the milk and cream- stir in thesugar/vanilla pod mix and a pinch of salt - and make a custard, stirring all the time.Whenthickened - remove, cool, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Before putting in your ice cream machine, pour through asieve to remove and big lumps of vanilla pod.

This makes about a litre of ice cream -depending on over-run ( how much air gets pumped into itn while processing) - it has a nice vanilla seed speckle, isa cream colour and yummy - not toosweet.You can use vanilla extract instead ofa vanilla pod - but don't use that essence stuff - it's rubbish

I've made a chocolate version of this a few times,dissolving aheaped tablespoon - sometimesa bit more - of Premium Dutch Cocoa ( 21% high fat version- the good stuff tha tastes like chocolate - not cocoa) in a little of the custard when it is still hot - andstirring in - really nice. You don't see the vanilla speckle any more - but the chocolate vanillaflavour is really, reallynice.

I'm sure you could use other flavouringssuch as fruit - but you would probably need to reduce the milk alittle if you are putting a lot of strawberries/rasberries etc into it.

willyow, Nov 29, 4:38pm
I meant don't make ice cream withmore than 50% cream- its is like a rock

iriegirl, Dec 12, 9:57pm
Bumping for dabo for willyow's ice cream recipe :)

dabo, Dec 13, 4:19am
copied and printed and ready to try out - thank you!

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